Sag in spanish


pronunciation: undimientoʊ part of speech: noun, verb
In gestures

sag = bajada de tensión. [Electricidad]

Example: In addition to providing blackout and brownout protection, many UPS systems also protect against spikes, surges, sags and noise, and some also offer many of the features found in power distribution units.

sag2 = combarse, pandear. 

Example: In crossbars used in pole vaulting and high jumping a well known problem exists due to the tendency of the crossbar to sag under its own weight.

Sag synonyms

flag in spanish: , pronunciation: flæg part of speech: noun swag in spanish: , pronunciation: swɔg part of speech: noun droop in spanish: , pronunciation: drup part of speech: verb, noun sag down in spanish: , pronunciation: sægdaʊn part of speech: verb
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