Saggy in spanish


pronunciation: sɑggi part of speech: adjective
In gestures

saggy [saggier -comp., saggiest -sup.] = holgado, ancho, sin ajustar, sin apretar, sin entallar, flácido, fofo. [Pincha en o en para ver otros adjetivos cuyo grados comparativos y superlativos se formas añadiendo "-er" o "-est" (o sus variantes "-r" o "-st") al final]

Example: The most overlooked secret to perfect skin is avoiding conditions that lead to wrinkling, age spots, saggy skin and in general all around skin damage.


» saggy boobs = tetas caídas, senos caídos.

Example: Breast tissue is very delicate and while you may have small and pert breasts now if you don't support them properly during exercise the ligaments that hold them up will elongate and you will end up with saggy boobs.
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