Table in spanish


pronunciation: mesɑ part of speech: noun
In gestures

table1 = mesa. 

Example: The easy chairs are however often tucked into odd corners where you could not put a full table and chair anyway.


» art-room drawing table = mesa de dibujo.

Example: I have used art-room drawing tables as structures on which to mount displays.

» art-room table = mesa de dibujo.

Example: The theater for the puppet show was made of three draped art-room tables.

» bargaining table = mesa de negociaciones.

Example: Some libraries, using inexperienced and untrained representatives at the bargaining table, lose so much authority that it becomes difficult to manage the institution.

» bedside table = mesita de noche.

Example: Each of the two master bedrooms have a double bed, tow bedside tables, two bedside lamps, dresser, mirror, and radio alarm.

» billiard(s) table = mesa de billar.

Example: Many restaurants, bars and pubs have billiard tables, and the popularity of billiard tables in prÛivate homes is increasing.

» bird table = tabla comedero para pájaros .

Example: Jays are reluctant to leave the shelter of woodlands although, on occasions, they become bold, visiting garden bird tables for scraps.

» bring + Nombre + to the table = contribuir, aportar.

Example: The Army Reserve's citizen-soldiers bring many skills to the table.

» clear + the table = quitar la mesa, recoger la mesa.

Example: When our waiter came back out after clearing the table, we were certain that he was going to politely usher us out, but instead, he asked us if we were interested in dessert!.

» coffee table = mesa de centro, mesita de centro.

Example: There was an oil stove with a saucer of water on top of it and low cushioned seat with a little coffee table in front of it.

» coffee-table book = libro de sobremesa.

Example: Coffee-table books are books on themes such as cookery, gardening, do-it-yourself and, recently, slimming.

» conference table = mesa de conferencias.

Example: The table was purchased a year and a half ago as a conference table and has a few nicks and scratches but still looks good.

» dining-room table = mesa de comedor.

Example: Many contemporary dining-room tables are made from steel, glass or other man made materials.

» dining table = mesa, mesa de comedor.

Example: The first sideboard was doubtless a simple shelf on the wall near a dining table used for plate and food during meals.

» dinner table = mesa de la cena, mesa del comedor.

Example: Owing to its importance at the dinner table, the tureens were exquisitely made.

» drawing table = mesa de dibujo.

Example: I have used the following as structures on which to mount displays: art-room drawing tables and sketch boards, metal- and woodwork-shop benches and materials, tailor's dummies and stage platforms.

» dressing table = tocador.

Example: This is a collection of crockery pertaining to bedroom activities, such as jug and basin sets, chamber pots, and dressing table sets.

» drink + Nombre + under the table = tumbar a Alguien bebiendo, dar cien mil vueltas bebiendo.

Example: What it all comes down to, though, is that Cana is the kind of gal who needs to be with someone who can drink her under the table.

» earn + money under the table = ganar dinero bajo cuerda.

Example: Dog walking is usually done in the morning and if that is the time you are free you can earn money under the table, simply take a dog for a walk and get paid in cash.

» folding table = mesa plegable.

Example: To the right of the sewing machine is an open wooden box sitting on a folding table.

» Government Documents Round Table (GODORT) = Mesa Redonda para las Publicaciones Gubernamentales (GODORT).

Example: She dealt with her dissatisfaction with the national treatment of U.S. documents in a most constructive manner, by establishing the Government Documents Round Table (GODORT).

» groundwater table = nivel freático.

Example: The simplest way to decrease the decline of the groundwater table would be to reduce the area planted with wheat or plant other crops such as cotton.

» ink table [ink-table] = mesa de tinta.

Example: Like their predecessors (which were mostly news presses) they had carriages with ink tables at the end and inking rollers fixed at right angles across the frame.

» keep + Nombre + under the table = mantener a escondidas, mantener bajo cuerda, mantener en secreto.

Example: His father is in politics and having bastard children isn't exactly good for his image, so he gave the mother hush money to keep it under the table.

» kitchen table = mesa de cocina.

Example: What began as a germ of an idea around a kitchen table in Toronto in 1997 is now being published out of Washington DC with contributors and subscribers from 20 countries.

» lay + Posesivo + cards on the table = poner las cartas sobre la mesa, poner las cartas boca arriba, hablar claro, hablar a calzón quitado.

Example: Thirdly, he is the only candidate to have laid his cards on the table with a sound, sensible and viable exit strategy from this awful quagmire in Iraq.

» lay + the table = poner la mesa.

Example: If it's not your turn to cook, you can lie in front of the log-burning stove, before laying the table.

» light table = mesa luminosa.

Example: A light table is a table with a translucent screen on top illuminated from underneath, for tracing, viewing slides, etc.

» money under the table = dinero bajo cuerda.

Example: According to research, more than half of young employees in private companies have received money under the table, additional to their salaries.

» negotiation table = mesa de negociaciones.

Example: He has urged both sides to return to the negotiation table to try and settle Iran's nuclear standoff.

» night table = mesita de noche.

Example: I could not help but think that if this were a hotel room, there would have been a Bible in the night table drawer.

» operating table = mesa de operaciones.

Example: Glue ear is a build-up of gunk inside the middle ear cavity and is the most likely reason that children under five will end up on the operating table.

» pay + Nombre + (money) under the table = pagar bajo cuerda.

Example: When your boss pays you under the table, the law doesn't recognize you as an employee, which means you lose out on a number of benefits and legal protections.

» pool table = mesa de billar.

Example: A pool table on a cruise ship is gyroscopically controlled so that it moves with the waves and the balls don't slide at all.

» put + bread on the table = poner el pan en la mesa, mantener (a) la familia, traer el pan a casa, ganarse el pan, ganarse las habichuelas, ganarse los garbanzos, ganarse las lentejas.

Example: If in your mind your job is solely for the purpose of 'putting bread on the table,' you are, in a sense, prostituting your labor.

» put + Posesivo + cards on the table = poner las cartas sobre la mesa, poner las cartas boca arriba, hablar claro, hablar a calzón quitado.

Example: Hillary has put her cards on the table and her supporters still do not cry foul.

» round table = mesa redonda.

Example: A series of round table discussions over 2 days served to clarify the main points at issue.

» roundtable = mesa redonda.

Example: Within ALA, all divisions and roundtables were invited to designate representatives to the committee.

» set + the table = poner la mesa.

Example: Setting the table is often a hurried, last-minute task that can leave you wondering about the correct placement of the flatware, plates, napkins and glassware.

» side table = mesa auxiliar, mesita auxiliar, mesilla.

Example: While you may think that an item can give life to the bathroom, it may not complement other items when placed next to the vanity mirror, medicine cabinet or side table.

» study table = mesa de estudio, mesa de trabajo.

Example: The findings are based upon analysis of actual use data recorded from all volumes and issues left by library users on study tables.

» suction table = mesa de succión.

Example: This paper reports on a 3-day workshop on the use of suction tables in paper conservation.

» tablecloth = mantel.

Example: The painting is a still life depiction of a soiled tablecloth on a table.

» table d'hote = menú del día.

Example: The article 'Table d'Hote and A la Carte: Collecting rare science books' examines historically the methodology of collection development in collections of rare science books.

» table football = futbolín, fútbol de mesa.

Example: There's even a special room for teenagers (a rarity in hotels) with a jukebox, table tennis, table football and computer games.

» table game = juego de mesa.

Example: Renaissance gamesters soon embraced backgammon as their table game of choice.

» table leg = pata de mesa.

Example: This article contains helpful hints for that common household annoyance: nicks in a wooden table leg.

» table light = lámpara de mesa.

Example: Task lighting or individual table lights have traditionally been used to upgrade the lighting at the reader's desk = Tradicionalmente, se ha utilizado una iluminación fuerte o lámparas individuales en las mesas del lector para mejorar la visibiliad.

» table linen = mantelería.

Example: They are manufacturers and exporters of table linen, bed linen, cushion covers, mattress protectors, counterpanes, and pillow cases.

» table manners = modales en la mesa.

Example: Focusing on such behaviors as blowing one's nose, spitting, & table manners, the author shows that innovations, eg, the fork & the handkerchief, marked a fundamental shift in the 'threshold features of embarrassment & shame'.

» table olive = aceituna de mesa.

Example: For table olives, the presence of even a few infested fruit can lead to rejection of the entire crop.

» table salt = sal de mesa, sal fina.

Example: Nutritionally speaking, sea salt is no different than table salt.

» tablespoon = cucharada.

Example: By adding about a tablespoon of powdered alum per gallon of whitewash its quality can be improved.

» table tennis = tenis de mesa.

Example: Table tennis has come a long way since its introduction as a genteel, after-dinner alternative to lawn tennis in 1890s England.

» table tennis table = mesa de ping-pong.

Example: The square is surrounded by banana trees, holm-oak, and Judas trees, and in the middle there are two table tennis tables and a basketball net.

» table-top [tabletop] = de sobremesa, de mesa.

Example: The Realist Valiant is a large, table-top model microfiche reader, designed primarily for viewing 2 document pages simultaneously.

» table-top [tabletop] = tablero, mesa.

Example: GIS technology can be considered as a table-top on which data are compiled, considered, manipulated and located.

» table top exhibit = mesa expositora.

Example: Table top exhibits are available to oganizations with annual sales under $100,000.

» tableware = cubertería. 

Example: Tableware consists of disposable plates, forks, knives, napkins & serving utensils.

» table wine = vino de mesa.

Example: Tickets include welcome drink, 3 course meal and table wine.

» throw + a dead cat on the table = hacer una maniobra de distracción, jugar al despiste, levantar una cortina de humo, correr una cortina de humo. [Usado generalmente en política para referirse a una cuestión que trae a colación para distraer a la oposición del tema engorroso que se está debatiendo]

Example: There is one thing that is absolutely certain about throwing a dead cat on the table, everyone will be talking about the dead cat, the thing you want them to talk about, and they will not be talking about the issue that has been causing you so much grief.

» tray table = mesita bandeja, bandeja plegable.

Example: During the cold winter months we got into such a habit of eating our meals on tray tables on the couches and watching TV.

» turn + the tables (on) = volver las tornas, cambiar las tornas, darle la vuelta a la tortilla.

Example: A feisty Harlem woman turned the tables on three subway muggers, chasing down two of the thugs while snatching back her purse.

» under the table = bajo cuerda.

Example: The Pope vowed to his workforce that he wants to eliminate any under-the-table jobs in the Vatican, saying it's a 'question of conscience'.

» underwater table = nivel freático.

Example: Wells are drying up and underwater tables falling so fast that food supplies are seriously threatened.

» vacuum table = mesa al vacío.

Example: This article examines the use of a vacuum table since Jan 1989 for the conservation of paper, leather and parchment in topographical as well as portrait and map collections.

» wait + tables = trabajar de camarero.

Example: When I waited tables/bartendered in Virginia, we were able to cork a bottle and bag it if a customer didn't finish it.

» water table = nivel freático.

Example: Many rivers and wetlands in south-western Australia are threatened by salinisation due to rising saline water tables.

table2 = tabla, gráfica, cuadro. [Documento que contiene datos ordenados generalmente en filas y columnas que pueden ir acompañados de texto]

Example: The document containing ordered data typically in rows and columns and possibly with an accompanying text is known as tables.


» comparison table = gráfica comparativa, comparativa.

Example: The author made some calculation mistakes in the comparison table.

» contents table = sumario, índice de contenido.

Example: Content-enriched access is defined as including information such as contents tables and book indexes, as well as standard bibliographic information, in a computerised system = El acceso de contenido enriquecido en un sistema automatizado se define como aquél que incluye información como, por ejemplo, sumarios e índices de libros además de la información bibliográfica normal.

» draft + a table = elaborar una tabla, confeccionar una tabla.

Example: Skill is involved in selecting significant data from the original table or graphical presentation, and drafting a table containing the vital statistics in a more condensed format.

» genealogical table = tabla genealógica.

Example: AACR allows the use of the term 'illus.' to cover the following types of illustrations: charts, coats of arms, facsimiles, forms, genealogical tables, maps, music, plans, portraits, and samples.

» hash table = tabla hash.

Example: With this size of file, the compilation of the hash table takes several minutes, but once built, it can produce very rapid results.

» league table = clasificación. [Por orden de prioridad]

Example: In addition to producing these 'league tables' of microcomputer applications, Burton also indicated the applications software that libraries were using.

» morbidity table = tabla de morbilidad.

Example: While every effort has been made to ensure the accuracy of these mortality and morbidity tables, we do not accept any responsibility for their use in practice.

» mortality table = tabla de mortalidad, tabla de mortandad.

Example: While every effort has been made to ensure the accuracy of these mortality and morbidity tables, we do not accept any responsibility for their use in practice.

» multiplication table = tabla de multiplicar.

Example: More and more in my teaching career, I'm seeing that children no longer memorize their multiplication tables.

» periodic table = tabla periódica.

Example: The article is entitled 'Periodic tables: their construction and related symmetries'.

» price-comparison table = tabla de comparación de precios.

Example: Some consumer advice centres would not only handle complaints but also provided pre-shopping advice, combined with attractive exhibitions, leaflets, price-comparison tables, and other consumer education activities.

» table-driven = basado en tablas.

Example: This is based on table-driven semantics which are embedded in the data base model.

» table of contents [ToC] = sumario, índice de contenido, tabla de contenido. [Lista de epígrafes y subepígrafes de las partes de un documento siguiendo el orden de presentación e indicando la página donde comienzan]

Example: If an index, title page, or table of contents arrives, the number '11' should be entered.

» tide table = calendario de mareas.

Example: An example of an almanac which is concerned less with statistical information and world events and more about tide tables and so on is the Nautical Almanac.

» times tables = tabla de multiplicar.

Example: Primary schools which fail to teach times tables by heart are condemning children to a lifetime struggling with numbers, inspectors have warned.

» timetable = horario.

Example: The reference department contain quick reference material including street and trade directories, bus, train and air timetables, year-books, gazetteers, list of addresses, booklets, guide books, etc.

table3 = clase. [En clasificación, una de las divisiones de un sistema de clasificación y que generalmente representa un disciplina o un conjunto de disciplinas afines]

Example: We have now established all the information that we need to enable us to construct a schedule, or table, in a given subject area.


» area table = auxiliares de lugar.

Example: The new Dewey area tables have been used for some time now in the BL's Bibliographic Services Division with relatively few problems.

» auxiliary tables = tablas auxiliares.

Example: This section is followed by the seven auxiliary tables of common subdivisions.

» main tables = tablas principales.

Example: First of all we will consider the main schedules or 'main tables', so turn to page 26 of the scheme where you will find an outline of the main divisions of these schedules.

table4 = presentar. 

Example: This list indicates the dates the reports were tabled and any further action take.


» table + discussion = posponer una discusión.

Example: Discussion on the considerable effect that library administrations can have on the budget is tabled until later in the chapter.

Table synonyms

board in spanish: , pronunciation: bɔrd part of speech: noun defer in spanish: , pronunciation: dɪfɜr part of speech: verb remit in spanish: , pronunciation: rimɪt part of speech: verb, noun postpone in spanish: , pronunciation: poʊstpoʊn part of speech: verb mesa in spanish: , pronunciation: meɪsə part of speech: noun put off in spanish: , pronunciation: pʊtɔf part of speech: verb shelve in spanish: , pronunciation: ʃelv part of speech: verb set back in spanish: , pronunciation: setbæk part of speech: verb hold over in spanish: , pronunciation: hoʊldoʊvɜr part of speech: verb put over in spanish: , pronunciation: pʊtoʊvɜr part of speech: verb tabular array in spanish: , pronunciation: tæbjəlɜreɪ part of speech: noun
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