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pronunciation: tɑbletɑ part of speech: noun
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tablet1 = tablilla. [Trozo de arcilla, madera u otro material cubierto de cera y sobre el que se escribía en la época antigua]

Example: The tablets, with cuneiform text on both sides, were arranged standing on shelves.


» carved in a tablet of stone = grabado en piedra.

Example: What the presidency needs is a job description; not one carved in a tablet of stone and certainly not one which would form all future presidents in the same sanitised mould.

» clay tablet = tablilla de arcilla, tablilla de barro.

Example: A manuscript is a writing made by hand (including musical scores), typescripts, and inscriptions on clay tablets, stone, etc.

» cuneiform tablet = tablillas con escritura cuneiforme.

Example: The creation and use of new knowledge and its notation has passed through many stages in the last 6,000 years from cuneiform tablets to machine readable text.

» graphic tablet = tablilla gráfica. [En tecnología de la información, dispositivo a modo de cuaderno que transforma en señal digital lo escrito sobre él]

Example: There is, however, an increasing range of other devices to convert data to digital form: optical and magnetic document (character) readers, laser scanners, graphic tablets and digitizers, voice input devices, analogue-to-digital converters, telecommunication modems, etc.

» set in + tablets of stone = ser inalterable, hacer inalterable.

Example: Standards are not principles set in tablets of stone -- they are living and contextualised principles open to critique, adaptation and refinement in the light of evolving professional knowledge.

» stone tablet = tablilla de piedra.

Example: The library also collects old and rare books, rubbings from stone tablets, oracle bones and maps.

» tablet of chocolate = tableta de chocolate.

Example: This innovative product is a tablet of chocolate whose portions come printed with calorie counts carved directly on the surface.

» tablet of stone = algo grabado en piedra.

Example: While the operating instructions must be regarded as authoritative, they should not be seen as sacrosanct tablets of stone.

tablet2 = pastilla, píldora, tableta, gragea. 

Example: There are many different tablets available to treat diabetes.


» ecstasy tablet = pastilla de éxtasis.

Example: Three people have been arrested in Darwin's rural area for a huge drug haul that includes more than 7000 ecstasy tablets.

» sea sickness tablet = pastilla para el mareo, pastilla contra el mareo.

Example: You can prevent it by taking sea sickness tablets which are very good but start the tablets before you get on the boat.

» travel sickness tablet = pastilla para el mareo, pastilla contra el mareo. [Al viajar]

Example: These travel sickness tablets and skin patches are only provided on prescription.

» travel-sick tablet = pastilla para el mareo, pastilla contra el mareo. [Al viajar]

Example: If you are prone to motion sickness it might be wise to take a travel-sick tablet, although it is rare for our guests to suffer seasickness.

tablet3 = tablet. 

Example: I've made it clear in the past that I can do a lot of my work using a tablet instead of a notebook computer.


» tablet PC = PC tablet.

Example: When this study was conducted, today's wiereless networks, personal digital assistants (PDAs), and tablet PCs were not yet available = Cuando se hizo este estudio, no eran común todavía las redes inalámbricas, los PDA (ordenadores personales parecidos a las agendas digitales) y los PC tablilla.

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