Tact in spanish


pronunciation: tɑktoʊ part of speech: noun
In gestures

tact = tacto. 

Example: Librarians need a special combination of tact, patience, and humanity to serve users satisfactorily.


» handle + people with tact = tener mano izquierda con la gente, tener mano izquierda con las personas.

Example: You will need to be able to handle people with tact, as many of those you work with are experiencing problems in their lives.

» handle + things with tact = hacer las cosas con tacto, tener mano izquierda.

Example: Regardless of your personal feelings about wage garnishment, the best interest of your company is to handle things with tact and consideration.

Tact synonyms

tactfulness in spanish: , pronunciation: tæktfəlnəs part of speech: noun

Tact antonyms

tactlessness pronunciation: tæktləsnəs part of speech: noun
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