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pronunciation: sɑstɹ̩e part of speech: noun, verb
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tailor1 = sastre. 

Example: You really need to unstitch the lining and have a tailor look inside the coat before you know if your suit can suffer alterations.


» tailor-made [tailormade] = personalizado, hecho a medida, hecho a propósito, hecho por encargo.

Example: Fourthly, it had an inbuilt classified notational structure which were almost tailor-made for the production of subject catalogues.

» tailor-made software = programa informático hecho por encargo, programa personalizado, software personalizado.

Example: The amount of programming required for complex tailor-made software can be reduced considerably by the use of a 'programmable' DBMS such as Dbase II.

» tailor's dummy = maniquí.

Example: I have used the following as structures on which to mount displays: art-room drawing tables and sketch boards, metal- and woodwork-shop benches and materials, tailor's dummies and stage platforms.

tailor2 = confeccionar, hacer a medida, personalizar, adaptar. 

Example: It's wider in the hips, narrower in the waist, shorter in the leg and tailored to contour the chest area without restriction.


» tailor to + a demand = adecuar a una necesidad.

Example: Edge notch cards are often ordered in a size tailored to the demands of the index, and can be purchased with any coding that the index designer specifies.

» tailor to + an application = hacerse a medida de una aplicación práctica concreta.

Example: All alphabetical indexing languages must be tailored to the application for which they are intended.

» tailor to + a requirement = adaptar a una exigencia.

Example: Meanwhile, the MARC data base will be considered to be complete for cataloging purposes and new entries will be tailored only to its requirements.

» tailor to + meet the specification = hacer a medida para satisfacer los requisitos.

Example: A thesaurus is normally tailored to meet the specification of a particular application.

» tailor to + the needs of = adaptar a las necesidades de.

Example: This coincidence between indexing and user approach is known as user warrant: in other words the indexing system must be tailored to the needs of the users of the index.

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