Taint in spanish


pronunciation: mɑntʃɑ part of speech: noun, verb
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taint1 = dejo, mancha, prejucio, sesgo, daño. 

Example: The article is entitled 'The classification of literature in the Dewey Decimal Classification: the primacy of language and the taint of colonialism' = El artículo se titula "La clasificación de la literatura en la Clasificación Decimal de Dewey: la primacía del lenguaje y el daño del colonialismo".

taint2 = deshonrar, desacreditar, envilecer, mancillar, empañar, contaminar. 

Example: This article shows how the dowdy and boring image of the stereotypical librarian as presented in fiction, taints the portrayal of all who work in libraries.

Taint synonyms

cloud in spanish: , pronunciation: klaʊd part of speech: noun corrupt in spanish: , pronunciation: kɜrʌpt part of speech: adjective defile in spanish: , pronunciation: dɪfaɪl part of speech: noun, verb sully in spanish: , pronunciation: sʌli part of speech: noun contamination in spanish: , pronunciation: kəntæməneɪʃən part of speech: noun infect in spanish: , pronunciation: ɪnfekt part of speech: verb

Taint antonyms

disinfect pronunciation: dɪsɪnfekt part of speech: verb
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