Ultra in spanish


pronunciation: ultɹ̩ɑ part of speech: adjective
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ultra = ultra, súper, super. 

Example: She is one of those ultra sexy, smoking hot women who turn heads when they walk past anyone.


» ultrafeminine = ultrafemenino.

Example: Ramberg depicts women's torsos clad in ultrafeminine undergarments and creates body metaphors from jackets, vests, breastplates, and fur pieces.

» ultrafiche = ultraficha. [Microficha con imágenes reducidas más de 90 veces]

Example: The ultrafiche is a common form for catalogues and indexes; this is an extra-high reduction ratio fiche with a reduction of 150 to 200:1.

» ultralight = ultraligero.

Example: Smugglers are using ultralights, like this one seized in
October, to bring drugs across the border.

» ultra-modern [ultramodern] = ultramoderno, supermoderno.

Example: This remote, hitherto predominantly agricultural, mountain village has developed into an ultra-modern ski resort.

» ultrasonography = ultrasonografía, ecografía.

Example: Albuminuria was measured as albumin to creatinine ratio and carotid abnormalities by ultrasonography.

» ultrasound = ultrasonido, ecografía.

Example: This ultrasound image database comprises images of the liver and bile organs.

» ultra-violent = ultraviolento, superviolento.

Example: An ultra-violent Bronx cocaine gang killed at least 15 people, lobbed grenades at slow-to-pay customers and bombed a suspected informant's car.

» ultraviolet [ultra-violet] = ultravioleta.

Example: Ultraviolet investigations revealed that foxings show heavy fluorescence at the initial stage of development; luminescence decreases as the colour intensity increases = Las investigaciones sobre los rayos ultravioleta revelaron que los descoloridos muestran una gran fluorescencia en la etapa inicial del desarrollo: la luminiscencia disminuye conforme aumenta la intensidad del color.

Ultra synonyms

radical in spanish: , pronunciation: rædəkəl part of speech: adjective extremist in spanish: , pronunciation: ekstrimɪst part of speech: adjective, noun immoderate in spanish: , pronunciation: ɪmɑdɜreɪt part of speech: adjective
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