Umber in spanish

Ocre oscuro

pronunciation: oʊkɹ̩eoʊskuɹ̩oʊ part of speech: noun
In gestures

umber = ocre oscuro, pardo oscuro. 

Example: Since prehistoric times the naturally occurring colors of ochre, sienna, & umber have been brightening up the world around us.

Umber synonyms

coffee in spanish: , pronunciation: kɑfi part of speech: noun chocolate in spanish: , pronunciation: tʃɔklət part of speech: noun colored in spanish: , pronunciation: kʌlɜrd part of speech: adjective chromatic in spanish: , pronunciation: kroʊmætɪk part of speech: adjective burnt umber in spanish: , pronunciation: bɜrntəmbɜr part of speech: noun deep brown in spanish: , pronunciation: dipbraʊn part of speech: noun
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