Unambitious in spanish

Poco ambicioso

pronunciation: poʊkoʊɑmbiθioʊsoʊ part of speech: adjective
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unambitious1 = sin (ninguna) ambición, poco ambicioso, sin ninguna aspiración, sin aspiraciones. 

Example: Parents can take some measures to help their unambitious kids, but past a certain age, young adults have to be allowed to make their own decisions.

unambitious2 = modesto, simple. 

Example: The proposed building is an uninspired, unambitious design, out of keeping with the surrounding developments in the city.

Unambitious synonyms

shiftless in spanish: , pronunciation: ʃɪftlɪs part of speech: adjective ambitionless in spanish: , pronunciation: æmbɪʃənləs part of speech: adjective

Unambitious antonyms

ambitious pronunciation: æmbɪʃəs part of speech: adjective
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