Vaginal in spanish


pronunciation: bɑxinɑl part of speech: adjective
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vaginal = vaginal. 

Example: The changes in the level of vaginal tissue glucose and protein of rats, after the administration of almond oil as vaginal spermicide were explored.


» vaginal candidiasis = candidiasis vaginal.

Example: Yeast infection in rectal area arises due to the same type of fungi which is responsible for vaginal candidiasis.

» vaginal delivery = parto normal.

Example: Blood samples were collected from all subjects at delivery: 180 normal vaginal deliveries, 58 Caesarean sections, and 2 forceps-assisted deliveries.

» vaginal discharge = flujo vaginal.

Example: Normal vaginal discharge has several purposes: cleaning and moistening the vagina and helping to prevent infections.

» vaginal douche = ducha vaginal.

Example: Some women like to use vaginal douches after their periods to feel clean inside.

» vaginal infection = infección de la vagina, infección vaginal.

Example: A frequently asked question concerns the use of yoghurt for vaginal infections.

» vaginal itching = picazón vaginal.

Example: According to the girl and her mother, she had before treatment been suffering from abdominal pain, gnashing her teeth, vaginal itching, and diarrhoea from time to time = Según la chica y su madre, antes del tratamientos había estado sufriendo de dolor abdominal, rechinar de dientes, picazón vaginal y diarrea de vez en cuando.

» vaginal yeast infection = infección vaginal por hongos, cándida vulvovaginitis, vulvovaginitis.

Example: Factors that contribute to vaginal yeast infection include pregnancy, diabetes, and the use of oral contraceptives, steroids, and antibiotics.
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