Validate in spanish


pronunciation: bɑlidɑɹ̩ part of speech: verb
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validate = validar, confirmar, convalidar. 

Example: The records will be validated by the Library of Congress and the National Library of Canada and regularly included in the MARC Distribution Service for the benefit of libraries that are not members of OCLC.


» revalidate = revalidar, ratificar. 

Example: After analysis of the data and revision of the taxonomy, it was revalidated and fine tuned in a second experiment = Tras el análisis de los resultados y la revisión de la taxonomía, ésta fue <b>ratificada</b> en un segundo experimento.

» validate + hypothesis = validar una hipótesis, confirmar una hipótesis.

Example: To the best of our knowledge, there has been no large, multicenter prospective study to either validate or negate this hypothesis.

Validate synonyms

corroborate in spanish: , pronunciation: kɜrɑbɜreɪt part of speech: verb formalize in spanish: , pronunciation: fɔrməlaɪz part of speech: verb

Validate antonyms

void pronunciation: vɔɪd part of speech: noun, adjective avoid pronunciation: əvɔɪd part of speech: verb vitiate pronunciation: vɪʃieɪt part of speech: verb annul pronunciation: ænəl part of speech: verb quash pronunciation: kwɔʃ part of speech: verb nullify pronunciation: nʌləfaɪ part of speech: verb invalidate pronunciation: ɪnvælɪdeɪt part of speech: verb
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