Valley in spanish


pronunciation: bɑje part of speech: noun
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valley = valle. 

Example: French explorer Louis Catat discovered badly looted precontact graves in 1889 in the valley's southwest corner.


» lily of thevalley = lirio de los valles, lirio del valle, muguete.

Example: When it comes to seasonal scents, for many people 'spring' can be summed up by one flower: lily of the valley.

» Nile valley, the = valle del Nilo, el.

Example: He started his career under satrap Ptolemy as a military engineer and explorer of the Nile valley.

» peaks and valleys = altos y bajos.

Example: In the music business quite a number of artists have peaks and valleys.

» valley of death, the = valle de la muerte, el.

Example: However, the gap between the lab and the market -- the 'valley of death' -- continues to widen as both government and investor funding of biomedicine decline.

Valley synonyms

vale in spanish: , pronunciation: veɪl part of speech: noun
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