Vandalism in spanish


pronunciation: bɑndɑlismoʊ part of speech: noun
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vandalism = vandalismo, gamberrismo. [Pincha en para ver otras palabras que terminan con este sufijo]

Example: This article describes patterns of vandalism for both the nation as a whole and for public libraries, and examines options for reducing and preventing vandalism.


» act of vandalism = gamberrada, animalada, atropello.

Example: The mayor said the move was necessary due to a rash of break-ins and acts of vandalism in the town.

Vandalism synonyms

hooliganism in spanish: , pronunciation: hulɪgənɪzəm part of speech: noun malicious mischief in spanish: , pronunciation: məlɪʃəsmɪstʃəf part of speech: noun
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