Walkover in spanish

Triunfo fácil

pronunciation: tɹ̩iunfoʊfɑθil part of speech: noun
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walk all over + Alguien = tratar sin miramientos, no tener la más mínima consideración, tratar como un trapo, tratar a patadas, atropellar, pisotear, menospreciar, humillar, maltratar. 

Example: By always looking at people in the eye and keeping your head held high you'll start giving them the vibe that you are not to be walked all over .

walk all over + Alguien = derrotar completamente, dar una buena paliza, merendarse, vapulear, barrer, hacerse dueño y señor de. 

Example: The Scouses were the first real challenge for Fulham this season but they were walked all over by the Londoners.

walk over (to) = ir a, acercarse a. 

Example: Today, I walked over to my grandmother's house to pay her a visit.

walkover = coser y cantar, pan comido, cosa hecha, paseo militar. 

Example: The election is widely expected to be a walkover for him.

Walkover synonyms

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