Yoke in spanish


pronunciation: iugoʊ part of speech: noun
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yoke1 = yugo, yunta. 

Example: An alternative form of hose, probably invented in Holland in the earlier seventeenth century, took the form of an iron yoke on either side of the spindle in place of the wooden box = Una forma alternativa de matriz, inventada probablemente en Holanda a comienzos del siglo XVII, consistía en un yugo de hierro a ambos lados del husillo en lugar del cajón de madera.


» cast off + the yoke of = liberarse del yugo de.

Example: The Cretans failed in their attempt to cast off the yoke of the Ottoman Turks.

» chafe under + the yoke = sentirse resentido.

Example: His spirit wasn't entirely quashed, though, and he chafed under the yoke, eventually joining a rebellion against the state.

» throw off + the yoke of = liberarse del yugo de.

Example: In 1898, the Philippines were able to 'throw off the yoke of Spanish imperialism,' only to be annexed by the US which was determined to make it a democracy in the American image.

» under the yoke of = bajo el yugo de.

Example: These marital relationships often characterized by subordination & dependence that keep the wives under the yoke of their husbands & sometimes lead to spousal violence.

» yoke of slavery, the = yugo de la esclavitud, el.

Example: Stand firm, then, and do not let yourselves be burdened again by a yoke of slavery.

yoke2 = uncir, acoyundar. 

Example: The children are allowed to fully interact with these animals, help yoke the oxen and in turn, each child gets to drive a team of oxen.

Yoke synonyms

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Yoke antonyms

unyoke pronunciation: ənjoʊk part of speech: verb
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