Zap in spanish


pronunciation: boʊrɑɹ̩ part of speech: verb
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zap1 = irradiar, disparar una descarga eléctrica. 

Example: Potatoes can be made healthier, simply by zapping them with ultrasound or electricity, say scientists.


» zap + Nombe + in the microwave = calentar en el microondas.

Example: When you're hungry and want something fast, it's tempting to grab a convenience food item and zap it in the microwave without taking time to read the cooking instructions.

» zap through = pasar rápidamente, atravesar rápidamente, precipitarse, zapear.

Example: I stumbled across it while zapping through the channels and it seemed like a 'real' documentary.

zap2 = eliminar, aniquilar, liquidar. 

Example: This electric fly swatter will zap any fly or mosquito with 1500 volts.


» zap along = salir pitando, salir escopeteado, moverse muy rápido, moverse a toda mecha, ir a toda pastilla.

Example: Feel the power of these jet skis as you zap along the Cornish coastline = Siente el poder de estas motos de agua mientras te mueves a toda mecha por las costas de Cornualles.

Zap synonyms

nuke in spanish: , pronunciation: nuk part of speech: noun, verb atomize in spanish: , pronunciation: ætəmaɪz part of speech: verb microwave in spanish: , pronunciation: maɪkrəweɪv part of speech: noun micro-cook in spanish: , pronunciation: maɪkroʊkʊk part of speech: verb
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