Zenith in spanish


pronunciation: θenit part of speech: noun
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zenith = punto culminante, apogeo, culmen, plenitud. 

Example: Cataloging has been an art, a rather well-defined art and probably close to its zenith in its present form.


» at its zenith = en pleno auge, en su punto más álgido, en su mejor momento.

Example: America was at its zenith to the outside world forty years ago when the first human landed on the moon.

» at the zenith of = en el momento más álgido de, en el punto más álgido de, en el mejor momento de.

Example: All great sportsmen at the zenith of their careers know well -- although they often forget -- the wisdom of walking away while at the top.

» reach + Posesivo + zenith = alcanzar + Posesivo + auge, alcanzar + Posesivo + punto álgido, tocar techo.

Example: Sometimes it seems to me as if poor old Europe were under sentence of death, and as if she had reached her zenith and will from now on slowly decline.

Zenith antonyms

nadir pronunciation: neɪdɜr part of speech: noun
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