Zinc in spanish


pronunciation: θink part of speech: noun
In gestures

zinc = zinc. 

Example: In the diethyl zinc gas process damp is drawn from paper and a neutralising agent applied.


» zinc oxide = óxido de zinc.

Example: The nodules were lanced and squeezed, and the wounds were treated with copper sulfate and dressed with zinc oxide.

» zinc plate = plancha de zinc.

Example: In fact the earliest 'zincographs' were not made photographically but by transferring a line drawing in a greasy and acid-resistant ink on to a zinc plate and then etching it.

» zinc-plate lithograph = litografía en plancha de zinc.

Example: It is not usually possible to tell a wood engraving from an electro of an engraving, or a stone lithograph from a zinc-plate lithograph.

Zinc synonyms

zn in spanish: , pronunciation: zn part of speech: noun atomic number 30 in spanish: , pronunciation: ətɑmɪknəmbɜr part of speech: noun
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