Zip in spanish


pronunciation: kɹ̩emɑjeɹ̩ɑ part of speech: noun
In gestures

zip1 = cremallera. 

Example: Equally, broken zips or frayed button holes mean that our clothes will not fit us properly.


» zip code = código postal.

Example: This, incidentally, is one area where North American software does not travel well: UK postal codes will not fit into fields designed for US zip codes.

» zip fastener = cremallera.

Example: Ronnie Barker, the man who invented the zip fastener, was today honoured with a lifetime peerage.

» zip file = fichero comprimido, archivo comprimido.

Example: Python can work directly with data in zip files.

» zip line = tirolina.

Example: Zip lines are often used to transport materials from one location to another of lower elevation with a pulley.

zip2 = nada de nada, nada, cero, cero a la izquierda. 

Example: Talk about a spirit killer, I put all that work in and got zip for it except a pat on the back.

zip3 = abrochar, cerrar, subir. 

Example: The study investigated the use of a video to teach 3 self-help skills (cleaning sunglasses, putting on a wristwatch, and zipping a jacket) to 3 elementary students with mental disabilities.


» unzip = abrir. [Aplicado generalmente a cremalleras]

Example: The full-length, two-direction zipper makes it easy to get on and off, and the bottom is easy to unzip for diaper changes.

» zip + a file = comprimir un fichero, comprimir un archivo.

Example: I used a USB stick to do this, after zipping the files so they'd fit.

» zip-line = hacer tirolina, deslizarse en tirolina.

Example: Initial investigation shows that he was zip-lining between two trees when one of the trees began to fall.

zip4 = ir como una bala, ir a toda pastilla, ir zumbando, ir a toda velocidad, ir como un cohete, ir como un rayo, ir tirado, ir lanzado. 

Example: When you get the hang of filleting, you can zip through a pile of fish pretty quickly.


» zip + past = pasar como una bala, pasar a toda pastilla, pasar zumbando, pasar a toda velocidad, pasar como un cohete, pasar como un rayo, pasar volando.

Example: She abruptly jumped back as a car zipped past.

Zip synonyms

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Zip antonyms

unzip pronunciation: ənzɪp part of speech: verb
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