Zing in spanish


pronunciation: gustoʊ part of speech: noun
In gestures

zing1 = silbido, zumbido. 

Example: This 1938 movie was significant in his career because it was his 'favorite movie sound,' the zing of Robin's arrows, that made him aware of the possibilities of sound effects.

zing2 = sabor penetrante. 

Example: White wines are usually better than reds at handling the zing of Thai food.

zing3 = entusiasmo, brío, sabor, chispa. 

Example: The only thing really lacking in the show is the zing of real originality.

zing4 = comentario ocurrente, comentario mordaz, ocurrencia mordaz. 

Example: One of her zings, was describing her ex-husband's girlfriend as having 'a nose as long as a thumb'.

zing5 = pasar rápidamente, ir rápidamente. 

Example: A delicious thrill zinged down my spine when he stripped off his jeans and pressed his hot, hard body flush to mine.

zing6 = pasar rápidamente zumbando. 

Example: It was the size of a truck and was breaking apart as it crashed down, throwing out little bits of hot shrapnel that zinged past me.

zing7 = fustigar, criticar duramente. 

Example: At his speech Saturday night he zinged the media and the field of presidential contenders before dropping the mic and walking off stage.

Zing synonyms

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