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pronunciation: θoʊnɑ part of speech: noun
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zone1 = zona, área. 

Example: But now the traditional industrial zone is declining and a new 'technopolis' is proposed for the area.


» benthic zone, the = zona béntica, la.

Example: Benthos are the organisms which live on, in, or near the seabed, also known as the benthic zone.

» buffer zone = zona de amortiguamiento, zona neutral, zona de transición, zona tampón.

Example: It was part of an artificial defense system, a buffer zone to slow down enemy incursions.

» climatic zone = zona climática.

Example: The author offers advice on planting and weeding gardening collections for the various climatic zones of the USA.

» Posesivo + comfort zone = Posesivo + zona de confort, la seguridad de + Posesivo + entorno conocido, Posesivo + entorno conocido, Posesivo + elemento, Posesivo + contexto normal, Posesivo + territorio (conocido), Posesivo + salsa, Posesivo + zona segura, Posesivo + área de comfort, Posesivo + zona de bienestar, Posesivo + zona de comodidad.

Example: Dr. Keller is one of those people who really likes her comfort zone -- she's calm, cool, and collected in the operating room.

» disaster zone = zona catastrófica.

Example: Medicines can play a vital role in humanitarian relief efforts in disaster zones.

» erogenous zone = zona erógena.

Example: Women's erogenous zones aren't as obvious as you think.

» euro zone, the = zona del euro, la.

Example: The 12 countries in the euro zone changed over to the single currency on 1 January 1999.

» fault zone = zona tectónica.

Example: Other changes in the course of the river have occurred because of earthquakes along the fault zone.

» in + Posesivo + comfort zone = en la seguridad de + Posesivo + entorno conocido, en + Posesivo + entorno conocido, en + Posesivo + elemento, en + Posesivo + territorio (conocido), en + Posesivo + contexto normal, en + Posesivo + salsa, en + Posesivo + zona de confort, en + Posesivo + área de confort.

Example: This resonates with me as an introvert whose stuck in her comfort zone, and saying yes all the time has become an important goal.

» intertidal zone = zona entre mareas.

Example: Rock pools are found in the intertidal zone, covered in seawater when it is high tide and exposed to the wind and sun at low tide.

» in the relegation zone = en la zona de descenso.

Example: Even with twenty points Stoke are still in the relegation zone and this suggests that forty points might not be enough to survive come the end of the season.

» like a war zone = como un campo de batalla. [Generalmente usado para referirse a un lugar que está completamente destrozado o peligroso]

Example: Our area has been like a war-zone for the last six weeks and our pensioners live in fear of the children they fought to defend.

» minimum zone cohort = grupo mínimo relacionado.

Example: A clustering index was introduced that relates the minimum zone cohort to the total recurring cases of a literature.

» no-fly zone = zona de exclusión aérea.

Example: Recently the US and Britain have been intensifying their bomb raids against Iraqi territory, in particular, in the so-called no-fly zones.

» nuclear-free zone = zona desnuclearizada.

Example: The 1959 Antarctic Treaty created the world's first nuclear-free zone.

» nuclear zone = núcleo. [Según la ley de Bradford, el grupo central de revistas que publican la mayorías de los artículos relativos a un tema]

Example: A new definition of the nuclear zone of a Bradford curve is proposed.

» occupation zone = zona de ocupación.

Example: They were responsible for starting library services up again within its occupation zone between 1945-49.

» out of the relegation zone = fuera de la zona de descenso.

Example: Palace grew in confidence after Puncheon turned to score with a low shot, victory taking them out of the relegation zone.

» pedestrian zone = zona peatonal.

Example: However, dogs must be kept on a lead in designated pedestrian zones and on land where livestock is present.

» relegation zone = zona de descenso.

Example: The win moves Villa five points clear of the relegation zone in 17th place on 37 points.

» smoke-free zone = zona libre de humo.

Example: When you decide to quit smoking, establishing smoke-free zones will help you to stop your habit.

» temperate zone, the = zona templada, la.

Example: The temperate zone is that part of the earth that lies between the arctic zones (north and south) and the tropics.

» The Twilight Zone = Dimensión Desconocida. [Serie televisiva de principios de los 60]

Example: For some folks chocolate is a guilty pleasure, others like candy but mine comes from 1959-1964: The Twilight Zone.

» time zone = huso horario, zona horaria.

Example: This article discusses the potential of electronic mail for exchanging information with a large number of other people regardless of their location and time zone.

» torrid zone, the = zona tórrida, la.

Example: The Arabian Peninsula lies in the torrid zone, and rainfall is sparse, espacially in the central part.

» twilight zone = tierra de nadie, zona penumbrosa. [Expresión utilizada para referirse a fenómenos que están a caballo entre la realidad y la ficción]

Example: U denotes the umbra, ie those documents which are clearly relevant (within the shadow of the subject); P denotes the penumbra (the 'twilight zone'); and A denotes alien, ie those documents which are clearly not relevant.

» war zone = zona bélica, zona de guerra.

Example: Through interviews with children in war zones around the world, the book examines how children cope with war and violence.

» zone of occupation = zona de ocupación.

Example: At that time key decisions were taken regarding the library system and cultural policy in the Soviet zone of occupation.

zone2 = distribuir de un modo planificado, dividir en zonas. 

Example: On a well-planned campus, facilities are zoned according to functions.


» zone out = desconectarse del entorno, dejar la mente en blanco.

Example: He turned to stare out the window, letting himself zone out watching the rain and the scenery that flashed by.

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district in spanish: , pronunciation: dɪstrɪkt part of speech: noun partition in spanish: , pronunciation: pɑrtɪʃən part of speech: noun subdivide in spanish: , pronunciation: səbdəvaɪd part of speech: verb geographical zone in spanish: , pronunciation: dʒiəgræfɪkəlzoʊn part of speech: noun
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