Abanderar in english


pronunciation: flæg part of speech: noun
In gestures

abanderar = lead. 

Example: A book index is an alphabetically arranged list of words or terms leading the reader to the numbers of pages on which specific topics are considered, or on which specific names appear.

Abanderar synonyms

pin in spanish: alfiler, pronunciation: pɪn part of speech: noun, verb swag in spanish: Swag, pronunciation: swɔg part of speech: noun iris in spanish: iris, pronunciation: aɪrəs part of speech: noun sag in spanish: hundimiento, pronunciation: sæg part of speech: noun, verb ensign in spanish: bandera, pronunciation: ensən part of speech: noun droop in spanish: inclinarse, pronunciation: drup part of speech: verb, noun fleur-de-lis in spanish: flor de lis, pronunciation: flɜrdeɪləs part of speech: noun flagstone in spanish: losa, pronunciation: flægstoʊn part of speech: noun slack off in spanish: aflojar, pronunciation: slækɔf part of speech: verb ease up in spanish: suavizar, pronunciation: izʌp part of speech: verb ease off in spanish: aligerar, pronunciation: izɔf part of speech: verb national flag in spanish: bandera nacional, pronunciation: næʃənəlflæg part of speech: noun sword lily in spanish: espada lily, pronunciation: sɔrdlɪli part of speech: noun slacken off in spanish: aflojar, pronunciation: slækənɔf part of speech: verb signal flag in spanish: bandera de señal, pronunciation: sɪgnəlflæg part of speech: noun
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