Abanicar in english


pronunciation: fæn part of speech: noun
In gestures

abanicar = fan. 

Example: The air conditioning wasn't working and the players were already sweating profusely after their warmup, while spectators fanned themselves with programs.


» abanicar el papelfan (out) + paper [Acción de separar las hojas de un taco de papel cogiéndolo como si fuera un abanico] .

Example: It is wise to fan the paper to separate the sheets and let air in between them, otherwise several sheets might stick together and clog up the printer.

Abanicar synonyms

buff in spanish: pulir, pronunciation: bʌf part of speech: noun, adjective winnow in spanish: aventar, pronunciation: wɪnoʊ part of speech: verb, noun lover in spanish: amante, pronunciation: lʌvɜr part of speech: noun afficionado in spanish: aficionado, pronunciation: æfitʃoʊnɑdoʊ part of speech: noun devotee in spanish: devoto, pronunciation: devəti part of speech: noun strike out in spanish: tachar, pronunciation: straɪkaʊt part of speech: verb sports fan in spanish: fan de los deportes, pronunciation: spɔrtsfæn part of speech: noun
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