Abarrotar in english


pronunciation: kræm part of speech: verb
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abarrotar = crowd ; throng ; overbook ; pack. 

Example: Titles on alternative medicine are now crowding US bookshelves.Example: The street was thronged by people who had not a moment to spare.Example: At any rate, since hotels in Vienna are usually overbooked in May we strongly recommend you to book your hotel as early as possible.Example: Because it is such a competitive market, nightclubs are constantly reinventing themselves and places that are packed one weekend are deserted the next.


» abarrotar (de)clutter (with) .

Example: This is not to say that the library should be cluttered with ugly signs; all notices should be carefully contrived and aesthetically pleasing.

» abarrotar las callescome (all) out in + (full) forcebe (all) out in (full) forcefill + the streetspour into + the streets .

Example: The supporters of Henry George came out in force last night and marched over a route two miles long.

Example: Myanmar's police and military were out in force again on Friday, patrolling the deserted streets.

Example: More then 30,000 demonstrators filled the streets around the White House today chanting, 'Stop the US-Israeli war against Lebanon and Palestine'.

Example: The quake was so intense that people poured into the streets through fear.

Abarrotar synonyms

bone in spanish: hueso, pronunciation: boʊn part of speech: noun pack in spanish: paquete, pronunciation: pæk part of speech: noun, verb stuff in spanish: cosas, pronunciation: stʌf part of speech: noun ram in spanish: RAM, pronunciation: ræm part of speech: noun jam in spanish: mermelada, pronunciation: dʒæm part of speech: noun fill in spanish: llenar, pronunciation: fɪl part of speech: verb drum in spanish: tambor, pronunciation: drʌm part of speech: noun wad in spanish: taco, pronunciation: wɑd part of speech: noun swot in spanish: empollón, pronunciation: swɑt part of speech: noun get up in spanish: Levántate, pronunciation: getʌp part of speech: verb fill up in spanish: llena, pronunciation: fɪlʌp part of speech: verb bone up in spanish: empollar, pronunciation: boʊnʌp part of speech: verb swot up in spanish: tragar, pronunciation: swɑtəp part of speech: verb jampack in spanish: jampack, pronunciation: dʒæmpæk part of speech: verb mug up in spanish: taza arriba, pronunciation: mʌgʌp part of speech: verb chock up in spanish: juntarse, pronunciation: tʃɑkʌp part of speech: verb grind away in spanish: trabajar como un esclavo, pronunciation: graɪndəweɪ part of speech: verb
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