Abasto in english


pronunciation: səplaɪ part of speech: noun, verb
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abasto = supply ; provision. 

Example: The increasing demand for paper of all sorts, which the giant productivity of the Fourdrinier machine could easily meet, resulted in a parallel demand for rags which was soon outstripping the supply.Example: Some school libraries are becoming involved in life-long learning but local government and public libraries must take responsibility for provisions for this.


» dar abastocope .

Example: The results suggest that neurotically hostile individuals view others as distrustful, the world as threatening, and themselves as unable to cope.

» dar abasto concope with .

Example: This latter period is when the air-conditioning has to work hardest to cope with high outside air temperature and solar gains through the building.

» mercado de abastospublic market .

Example: Public markets are a time-proven tradition within communities and an alternative to more modern establishments vending produce and goods.

» no dar abastobe rushed/run off + Posesivo + feethave + Posesivo + plate fullhave + Posesivo + hands full .

Example: The first day back at work after the Easter break, and Sal Kilkenny is already rushed off her feet.

Example: With the booming food business in the country, restaurant consultants of all hues have their plates full.

Example: Firefighters will again have their hands full as southerly winds pick up in central, northeast and eastern Victoria.

Abasto synonyms

issue in spanish: problema, pronunciation: ɪʃu part of speech: noun render in spanish: hacer, pronunciation: rendɜr part of speech: verb provide in spanish: proporcionar, pronunciation: prəvaɪd part of speech: verb provision in spanish: provisión, pronunciation: prəvɪʒən part of speech: noun add in spanish: añadir, pronunciation: æd part of speech: verb cater in spanish: abastecer, pronunciation: keɪtɜr part of speech: verb ply in spanish: capa, pronunciation: plaɪ part of speech: verb, noun append in spanish: adjuntar, pronunciation: əpend part of speech: verb furnish in spanish: proporcionar, pronunciation: fɜrnɪʃ part of speech: verb providing in spanish: siempre que, pronunciation: prəvaɪdɪŋ part of speech: verb supplying in spanish: abastecimiento, pronunciation: səplaɪɪŋ part of speech: noun
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