Aborigen in english


pronunciation: æbɜrɪdʒənəl part of speech: adjective, noun
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aborigen1 = aboriginal. 

Example: Governmental perceptions of them as aboriginals holds back self-determination.


» aborigen australianoAborigine .

Example: This region, known as the Kimberley, has been home to Aborigines for more than 40,000 years.

aborigen2 = aboriginal. 

Example: This article raises some of the issues associated with the collection and documentation of aboriginal archival material which is secret/sacred in nature.

aborígenes = aboriginal people. 

Example: This is an important contribution to our understanding of the lamentably neglected subject of the plight of the aboriginal people of India.

Aborigen synonyms

native in spanish: nativo, pronunciation: neɪtɪv part of speech: adjective, noun primal in spanish: primitivo, pronunciation: praɪməl part of speech: adjective early in spanish: temprano, pronunciation: ɜrli part of speech: adjective, adverb primordial in spanish: primordial, pronunciation: prɪmɔrdiəl part of speech: adjective primeval in spanish: primitivo, pronunciation: praɪmivəl part of speech: adjective aborigine in spanish: aborigen, pronunciation: æbɜrɪdʒəni part of speech: noun abo in spanish: abo, pronunciation: ɑboʊ part of speech: noun primaeval in spanish: primitivo, pronunciation: praɪmevəl part of speech: adjective native australian in spanish: nativo australiano, pronunciation: neɪtɪvɔstreɪljən part of speech: noun australian aborigine in spanish: aborigen australiano, pronunciation: ɔstreɪljənæbɜrɪdʒəni part of speech: noun
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