Abortista in english


pronunciation: əbɔrʃənɪst part of speech: noun
In gestures

abortista = abortionist. 

Example: Women should be free to have legal abortions so that they are not 'forced' to go to 'back-street' abortionists.


» antiabortistaantiabortion [anti-abortion]antiabortionist [anti-abortionist]  .

Example: The antiabortion movement's scaremongering claim that having an abortion substantially raises a woman's risk of breast cancer is hugely deceptive and erroneous = La declaración alarmista del movimiento antiabortista de que el aborto aumenta sustancialmente el riesgo de que la mujer contraiga cáncer de mama es muy engañosa y errónea.

Example: Although antiabortionists made gains during the Ronald Reagan & George Bush presidencies, they failed to achieve their key objectives.
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