Abrochar in english


pronunciation: fæsən part of speech: verb
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abrochar = zip ; button (up) ; do up ; latch. 

Example: The study investigated the use of a video to teach 3 self-help skills (cleaning sunglasses, putting on a wristwatch, and zipping a jacket) to 3 elementary students with mental disabilities.Example: He was a tall, fat, long-bodied man, buttoned up to the throat in a tight green coat.Example: The skirt she is wearing is too short & unless she wants all the men in the room to ogle her chest she needs to do up another button.Example: His seventeen-month-old son has figured out how to latch and unlatch the belt on his car seat.


» abrochar el cinturón de seguridadfasten + Posesivo + seat beltdo + Posesivo + seat belt up .

Example: Unmindful of the epic moves that made it what it is today, Elwood Bibeau fastened his seat belt as his plane approached the Wexler airport.

Example: He smiled back turned to face the steering wheel and did his seat belt up, I did the same.

» abrocharse el cinturónbuckle up .

Example: Children who are not buckled up are three times more likely to suffer a significant injury in a crash than children who are buckled up.

» con el cuello sin abrocharopen-neckopen-necked .

Example: I go to a girl school and we wear ties in winter and spring terms, but May-July we get to wear an open-neck collar.

Example: That's why you rarely see him in an open-necked shirt and, then, almost never without a neckerchief.

» que se abrocha por atrásback-buttoning .

Example: This close up of the boys playing on the seasaw shows the back-buttoning pinafores the boys had to wear.

» sin abrocharundone .

Example: After he returned from the ousting, students were complaining that he was wearing the same baggy pants, minus boxers and with zipper undone.

Abrochar synonyms

fix in spanish: fijar, pronunciation: fɪks part of speech: verb, noun secure in spanish: seguro, pronunciation: sɪkjʊr part of speech: verb, adjective tighten in spanish: apretar, pronunciation: taɪtən part of speech: verb
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