Abrumador in english


pronunciation: oʊvɜrwelmɪŋ part of speech: adjective
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abrumador = boggling ; mind-boggling [mind boggling] ; overwhelming ; taxing ; devastating ; mind-numbing ; crippling ; overwhelming ; overpowering. 

Example: It's utterly boggling and that's not an isolated incident, I can cite you several more from last week.Example: The new technologies for information storage and retrieval which have burst upon the scene in only the past few years are mind boggling.Example: Although the overwhelming majority of technologically-driven programmes disregard information problems and issues, there are encouraging signs of a growing awareness of the need for information-driven.Example: It is difficult to remember the special interests of more than a few people, and hence rather taxing to provide SDI manually to more than a handful of users.Example: Such examples are to be found time and time again in LCSH, and the psychological effect on the user must be devastating.Example: Librarians, led by men like Melvil Dewey, spent the majority of their waking hours attempting to reduce library work to a 'mechanical art', and their mind-numbing articles weighed heavily upon the pages of 'Library Journal'.Example: Can we avoid racism, sexism and the crippling effects of other forms of prejudicial stereotyping without recourse to censorship?.Example: More people are taking the dip into online business and abandoning the huge corporations with overwhelming superiors and unearthly hours.Example: The librarian should at all times try to place himself in the position of the reader and ask just how much information will be useful without becoming overpowering.


» de forma abrumadoraoverwhelmingly .

Example: Overwhelmingly, librarians were seen as professionals with a service function.

» de manera abrumadoragiddilydizzyinglydizzily .

Example: Barcelona is a giddily glamorous shopping destination, home to high-end boutiques, art galleries and dozens of modern shopping centres.

Example: This novel is dazzlingly beautiful, dizzyingly fast-paced, and may grow to be more appreciated with time.

Example: Vertigo is a feeling that you are dizzily turning around or that things are dizzily turning about you.

» ganar de forma abrumadorabeat + Nombre + hands downwin + hands downromp + homeromp to + victorycruise to + victorycruise + home .

Example: There is no contest in the head-to-head battle for information services supremacy and Google, with its information 'now' and 'fast', beats others hands down.

Example: Candy, soda, pizza and other snacks compete with nutritious meals everyday with the junk food variety winning hands down every time.

Example: With an impressive 32,614 votes, she romped home with a majority of over 25,000 votes compared to her nearest competitor.

Example: Our team proved to be way above their opponents and romped to victory without breaking a sweat.

Example: And there was good news for the Party in Manchester, where their mayoral candidate cruised to victory with 63% of the vote.

Example: He made no mistake in the second race of the day as he cruised home to a comfortable 12 second win over his nearest competitor.

» nada abrumadorunderwhelming .

Example: Her days of underwhelming performances on clay courts are behind her after winning the Stuttgart and Rome tournaments.

» tarea abrumadoradaunting taskdaunting prospect .

Example: With so many styles and options available on baby cribs today, purchasing the perfect baby crib can be a daunting task.

Example: Going to university for the first time can be a daunting prospect, what with moving away from home and meeting a whole new set of friends.

Abrumador synonyms

intense in spanish: intenso, pronunciation: ɪntens part of speech: adjective irresistible in spanish: irresistible, pronunciation: ɪrɪzɪstəbəl part of speech: adjective consuming in spanish: consumidor, pronunciation: kənsumɪŋ part of speech: adjective overpowering in spanish: abrumador, pronunciation: oʊvɜrpaʊrɪŋ part of speech: adjective resistless in spanish: irresistible, pronunciation: rɪzɪstləs part of speech: adjective
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