Absolutamente in english


pronunciation: æbsəlutli part of speech: adverb
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absolutamente = absolutely ; unequivocally ; sublimely. 

Example: Although not absolutely necessary, unique call numbers are very helpful during this stage of the conversion.Example: The term information education cannot be unequivocally defined.Example: Ambition is an idol, on whose wings great minds are carried only to extreme: to be sublimely great or to be nothing.


» absolutamente + Adjetivodownright + Adjetivocrazily + Adjetivo .

Example: Bibliographies developed in this way are rarely totally reliable and are sometimes downright misleading.

Example: It sounds crazily complicated, but it may work.

» absolutamente nadabugger all .

Example: And pray that there's intelligent life somewhere up in space cause there's bugger all down here on Earth.

» absolutamente todoanything and everythingthe whole worksthe whole shebangeverything and the kitchen sinkthe whole enchiladathe whole (kit and) caboodlethe whole nine yardsthe whole shooting matchthe whole bananalock, stock and barrelthe whole (kit and) shaboodle .

Example: For instance, if children are doing a project work on dogs, they will hunt out anything and everything that so much as mentions them and the bits thus mined are assiduously transcribed into project folders.

Example: The jet ultimately shot up fully vertically -- at which point the wings snapped off and the whole works careened down into the ocean.

Example: Here the goal was to use classical and quantum physics along with particle physics to describe aspects of the astrophysical universe, i.e. the whole shebang.

Example: You have to remember that everything and the kitchen sink has been thrown at stimulating this economy and the jobs picture still remains weak.

Example: Many of the building blocks for this infrastructure are already in place, but the whole enchilada is far from finished.

Example: To get the whole kit and caboodle working required degrees in electrical engineering and computer science.

Example: They're going to have department stores, and restaurants, and movie theatres, and bowling alleys, the whole nine yards, and Heaven knows what else.

Example: Which means I'd give the whole shooting match just to be back where I was before I quit sleeping under the stars and come into the hen-coops.

Example: Finally, the big bang theory posits that our universe began from nothing, that the whole banana started from zero within what's called a true vacuum.

Example: They then moved out of London to a council house in Basingstoke and they still live in it, but they own it now, lock, stock and barrel.

Example: Everything went out of the window -- social life, the whole shaboodle -- for at least 18 months to two years, probably until our son Thomas came along.

Absolutamente synonyms

dead in spanish: muerto, pronunciation: ded part of speech: adjective utterly in spanish: absolutamente, pronunciation: ʌtɜrli part of speech: adverb perfectly in spanish: perfectamente, pronunciation: pɜrfəktli part of speech: adverb
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