Acalorar in english


pronunciation: hit part of speech: noun
In gestures

acalorarse = get + Reflexivo + (all) worked up (about) ; get + (all) hot under the collar ; see + red ; get in(to) + a fury ; get in(to) + a huff. 

Example: Ordinary people can sit around and get morally worked up about the evil of drugs the way they once got worked up about the 'red menace'.Example: She is quick to get hot under the collar, but once the problem is ironed out she forgets it entirely.Example: His arrogance, his assumption of her acute need for him, made her see red and she struggled for self-control.Example: Many people get into a fret or a fury over every little thing that goes wrong, and in this way waste a great deal of energy that might be more usefully employed.Example: Nevertheless, he got into a huff and stormed out of the club, causing everyone to chase after him.

Acalorar synonyms

passion in spanish: pasión, pronunciation: pæʃən part of speech: noun warmth in spanish: calor, pronunciation: wɔrmθ part of speech: noun ignite in spanish: encender, pronunciation: ɪgnaɪt part of speech: verb rut in spanish: rodera, pronunciation: rʌt part of speech: noun inflame in spanish: inflamar, pronunciation: ɪnfleɪm part of speech: verb estrus in spanish: estro, pronunciation: estrəs part of speech: noun heating in spanish: calefacción, pronunciation: hitɪŋ part of speech: noun oestrus in spanish: estro, pronunciation: oʊstrəs part of speech: noun stir up in spanish: remover, pronunciation: stɜrʌp part of speech: verb hotness in spanish: picor, pronunciation: hɑtnəs part of speech: noun fire up in spanish: quémalo, pronunciation: faɪɜrʌp part of speech: verb heat up in spanish: calentar, pronunciation: hitʌp part of speech: verb hot up in spanish: calentar, pronunciation: hɑtʌp part of speech: verb heat energy in spanish: energía térmica, pronunciation: hitenɜrdʒi part of speech: noun high temperature in spanish: alta temperatura, pronunciation: haɪtemprətʃɜr part of speech: noun heating plant in spanish: planta de calentamiento, pronunciation: hitɪŋplænt part of speech: noun heating system in spanish: sistema de calefacción, pronunciation: hitɪŋsɪstəm part of speech: noun
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