Acanalar in english


pronunciation: tʃænəl part of speech: noun
In gestures

acanalar = groove. 

Example: If necessary, roughen the face of the slopes by grooving the surface as described above.

Acanalar synonyms

line in spanish: línea, pronunciation: laɪn part of speech: noun sound in spanish: sonar, pronunciation: saʊnd part of speech: noun, adjective conduct in spanish: conducta, pronunciation: kəndʌkt part of speech: noun, verb convey in spanish: transmitir, pronunciation: kənveɪ part of speech: verb source in spanish: fuente, pronunciation: sɔrs part of speech: noun canal in spanish: canal, pronunciation: kənæl part of speech: noun transfer in spanish: transferir, pronunciation: trænsfɜr part of speech: noun carry in spanish: llevar, pronunciation: kæri part of speech: verb transport in spanish: transporte, pronunciation: trænspɔrt part of speech: noun duct in spanish: conducto, pronunciation: dʌkt part of speech: noun conduit in spanish: conducto, pronunciation: kɑnduɪt part of speech: noun transmit in spanish: transmitir, pronunciation: trænzmɪt part of speech: verb canalize in spanish: canalizar, pronunciation: kænəlaɪz part of speech: verb channelize in spanish: canalizar, pronunciation: tʃænəlaɪz part of speech: verb communication channel in spanish: canal de comunicación, pronunciation: kəmjunəkeɪʃəntʃænəl part of speech: noun transmission channel in spanish: canal de transmisión, pronunciation: trænsmɪʃəntʃænəl part of speech: noun
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