Acarrear in english


pronunciation: kæri part of speech: verb
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acarrear1 = haul ; cart ; tote ; schlep [schlepp/shlep]. 

Example: However, he would prefer a binding that will stand up to being stuffed into after-hours book drops and being hauled from one library to another.Example: In England, this job fell to the nightmen, who came after dark to cart the city waste into the countryside for fertilizer.Example: These bags are the best way to tote around your books, groceries, beach stuff, or even your puppy.Example: Moving day is stressful enough without having to sit for hours upon hours in bumper to bumper traffic to schlep one trunkful of boxes over at a time.

acarrear2 = mean. 

Example: These changes have meant modifications, some very time-consuming, to serials catalogues in libraries.


» acarrear con las consecuenciasbear + the consequences .

Example: It never did me any harm, it just taught me to bear the consequences of my actions and the effects they had on others.

» acarrear consecuenciascarry + implications .

Example: The merging of synonyms carries implications for the effectiveness of the index in terms of precision and recall.

» acarrear peligrospell + dangerhold + danger .

Example: Rising temperatures and acidification in the oceans spell danger for shark populations.

Example: While such a record is an obvious incentive to members to participate, it does seem possible that it holds some dangers.

» acarrear problemasspell + trouble .

Example: But economic experts warn further strong growth this year spells trouble for Sydney around the corner.

Acarrear synonyms

bear in spanish: oso, pronunciation: ber part of speech: verb, noun run in spanish: correr, pronunciation: rʌn part of speech: verb, noun take in spanish: tomar, pronunciation: teɪk part of speech: verb hold in spanish: sostener, pronunciation: hoʊld part of speech: verb, noun stock in spanish: valores, pronunciation: stɑk part of speech: noun pack in spanish: paquete, pronunciation: pæk part of speech: noun, verb express in spanish: exprimir, pronunciation: ɪkspres part of speech: verb, noun conduct in spanish: conducta, pronunciation: kəndʌkt part of speech: noun, verb convey in spanish: transmitir, pronunciation: kənveɪ part of speech: verb channel in spanish: canal, pronunciation: tʃænəl part of speech: noun sway in spanish: influencia, pronunciation: sweɪ part of speech: noun, verb extend in spanish: ampliar, pronunciation: ɪkstend part of speech: verb transport in spanish: transporte, pronunciation: trænspɔrt part of speech: noun expect in spanish: esperar, pronunciation: ɪkspekt part of speech: verb execute in spanish: ejecutar, pronunciation: eksəkjut part of speech: verb persuade in spanish: persuadir, pronunciation: pɜrsweɪd part of speech: verb contain in spanish: Contiene, pronunciation: kənteɪn part of speech: verb acquit in spanish: absolver, pronunciation: əkwɪt part of speech: verb comport in spanish: portarse, pronunciation: kəmpɔrt part of speech: verb transmit in spanish: transmitir, pronunciation: trænzmɪt part of speech: verb dribble in spanish: regatear, pronunciation: drɪbəl part of speech: noun, verb behave in spanish: comportarse, pronunciation: bɪheɪv part of speech: verb deport in spanish: deportar, pronunciation: dɪpɔrt part of speech: verb stockpile in spanish: reservas, pronunciation: stɑkpaɪl part of speech: noun gestate in spanish: gestar, pronunciation: dʒesteɪt part of speech: verb
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