Accidentado in english


pronunciation: hɪli part of speech: adjective
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accidentado1 = casualty. 

Example: Unfortunately, there are indications that the use of rubber stamps in libraries may be among the first casualties of the information revolution.

accidentado2 = rugged ; hilly ; chequered [checkered, -USA]. 

Example: Due to their lighter weight optical-fibre cables can be suspended to form aerial cables in the rugged countryside of Wales where the laying of ducts would be prohibitively expensive.Example: Having entered the next state and a highway off the turnpike, he was amazed by the extraordinary flatness of the land, especially in contrast to the hilly terrain he had grown up with back home.Example: An appraisal of the reforms following the report suggests that local councillors' workload has increased, and community councils have had a chequered career, although local authorities generally are stronger.


» historia accidentadachequered history .

Example: The concept of corporate authorship has had a more chequered history.

» pasado accidentadochequered historychequered past .

Example: The concept of corporate authorship has had a more chequered history.

Example: As a result of this chequered past telepathy is now largely discredited and regarded by many in science as mere pseudoscience.

Accidentado synonyms

rough in spanish: áspero, pronunciation: rʌf part of speech: adjective craggy in spanish: peñascoso, pronunciation: krægi part of speech: adjective mountainous in spanish: montañoso, pronunciation: maʊntənəs part of speech: adjective cragged in spanish: arrugado, pronunciation: krægd part of speech: adjective unsmooth in spanish: no suave, pronunciation: ənsmuθ part of speech: adjective
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