Acelga in english


pronunciation: tʃɑrd part of speech: noun
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acelga = chard ; Swiss chard. 

Example: Chard's leaves can be prepared like spinach, and its stalks like asparagus.Example: Tucked in the supermarket's produce display, somewhere between the lettuce and the broccoli, you'll find nutrient-rich Swiss chard.


» penca de acelgaSwiss chard stalkchard stalk .

Example: You can even steam Swiss chard stalks and eat them like asparagus.

Example: I love chard stalks, and it annoys me to no end that people would throw them away.

» tener cara de acelgahave + a face a mile long .

Example: When my assistant and I go driving uptown in the morning and you look at the people in the street, I mean 80 percent of them have a face a mile long -- they hate going to work.

Acelga synonyms

spinach beet in spanish: remolacha de espinaca, pronunciation: spɪnətʃbit part of speech: noun leaf beet in spanish: remolacha, pronunciation: lifbit part of speech: noun swiss chard in spanish: acelgas, pronunciation: swɪstʃɑrd part of speech: noun beta vulgaris cicla in spanish: beta vulgaris cicla, pronunciation: beɪtəvəlgɜrɪsɪklə part of speech: noun chard plant in spanish: planta de acelgas, pronunciation: tʃɑrdplænt part of speech: noun
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