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pronunciation: hɪt part of speech: verb, noun
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acertar = see + the light ; manage to ; strike + home ; hit + the nail on the head ; be spot on ; get it + (all) right ; hit + the truth ; hit it out of + the park ; hit + a home run ; knock it out of + the park ; be (right) on the mark ; be spot on ; hit + the spot ; hit + the mark ; get + things right ; be (right) on point ; be on target. 

Example: Apologies to those telephone company employees who saw the light years ago and have been trying to convince their employers.Example: Tom Hernandez tried not to show how sad he felt about his friends' leaving, and managed to keep up a cheerful facade until the party broke up.Example: Among many observations in this widely bruited report, one in particular struck home: fewer books had been translated into Arabic in a millennium than were translated into Spanish in a year.Example: One ISO team member hit the nail on the head by saying that the ISO certificate would mean a lot for our customers.Example: The program is spot on -- you can't fault it with the presentation and it's totally inoffensive and suitable for kids.Example: If the reading-boy misread the copy, or if the corrector misheard or misunderstood the reading-boy, a wrong word might be entered on the proof as a correction whether or not the compositor had got it right in the first place.Example: He hit the truth in one point only, the number of windows on one side of the house.Example: We already knew these Irish lads were among the best boy bands out there, but they really hit it out of the park with this romantic song.Example: EGND has hit a home run with the introduction of a new product line, increasing sales projections, and ramping up production schedules.Example: It was a risk, but early results seem to indicate that the duo has knocked it out of the park with the new version.Example: For a directorial debut with no big-name movie stars, the acting is right on the mark.Example: The program is spot on -- you can't fault it with the presentation and it's totally inoffensive and suitable for kids.Example: We focus on quality rather than quantity and hit the spot every time.Example: Who said the problem with the young is not that they aim too high and miss the mark it is that they aim too low and hit the mark?.Example: They understand that tough decisions are required and we need leaders who are more interested in getting things right than just getting along.Example: Their statements were right on point and tugged at the heartstrings.Example: The interesting part comes when one looks back on past predictions to see who was on target and who missed the mark by a mile.


» acertar a un blanco en movimientohit + a moving target .

Example: Hawkmoths slow down their brains so they can hit a moving target.

» acertar conput + Posesivo + finger on .

Example: She was worried about the project, but couldn't put her finger on what was wrong.

» acertarlo todoget + everything right .

Example: Training for full marathons involves a lot of work, and you need to get everything right if you want to become good at it.

Acertar synonyms

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