Achaparrado in english


pronunciation: stʌmpi part of speech: adjective
In gestures

achaparrado = squat ; stubby ; stocky ; chunky ; dumpy ; stumpy. 

Example: His unnamed protagonist is a squat little bookstore clerk of blank expression and deadpan movements.Example: This insect is a relative of the far more familiar daddy longlegs but its legs are stubby rather than long.Example: American bulldogs are stocky temperamental dogs that have a strong build and jaw structure.Example: He has slowly been gaining back the weight he lost, but he's still not as chunky as he was when he first came on the scene.Example: For being such a dumpy dude, Donald has no problem picking up girls.Example: This girl looks so stumpy and short yet people here keep saying she has so much potential.

Achaparrado synonyms

short in spanish: corto, pronunciation: ʃɔrt part of speech: adjective squat in spanish: agacharse, pronunciation: skwɑt part of speech: adjective, verb chunky in spanish: fornido, pronunciation: tʃʌŋki part of speech: adjective dumpy in spanish: regordete, pronunciation: dʌmpi part of speech: adjective squatty in spanish: agazapado, pronunciation: skwɑti part of speech: adjective low-set in spanish: ajuste bajo, pronunciation: loʊset part of speech: adjective
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