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pronunciation: əsɪdəti part of speech: noun
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acidez = acidity ; sourness. 

Example: If the spot stays yellow the paper is decidedly acid; an in-between colour (green, grey, grey-green, yellow-green) indicates mild acidity; while if the spot goes purple, the paper is near-neutral or alkaline.Example: His limber writing consequentializes the inconsequential, and there is not one morose moment in his work, no hint of sourness.


» acidez del papelpaper acidity .

Example: This article discusses how the longevity of paper is affected by paper acidity and trace metal compounds in the paper.

» acidez estomacalheartburn .

Example: Products containing orange peel extract deliver relief from occasional heartburn, acid indigestion, and upset stomach.

» grado de acidezpHph value .

Example: Aspects of physical condition, including pH, brittleness, mutilation, and environmental damage were surveyed = Los aspectos del estado físico que se estudiaron fueron el pH, la fragilidad, la mutilación y los daños producidos por las condiciones ambientales.

Example: After treatment, the ph value, the alkali content and the tensile strength were determined.

» neutralización de la acidezdeacidification [de-acidification]deacidifying .

Example: Nevertheless, deacidification alone will not stop the decay unless soluble copper compounds are removed from the object or converted to chemically inert compounds.

Example: This article describes a system of deacidifying and strengthening newsprint by vacuum freeze drying.

» neutralizar la acidezdeacidify [de-acidify] [En restauración, neutralizar los componentes acídicos del papel para evitar su deterioro] .

Example: 3 different kinds of paper were deacidified by different aqueous and nonaqueous methods, and then treated to provoke accelerated attack of air pollutants.

» papel de acidez neutralizadadeacidified paper .

Example: Topics include storage aspects of maps and their physical media (paper, plasticised paper, deacidified paper).

» papel sin acidezacid-free paper [Papel que ha sido tratado especialmente para que su grado de acidez, medido en valores pH, sea bajo pues ésta es una de las causas principales del deterioro del mismo] .

Example: Acid-free paper is now available at a price which competes with acid paper.

» prueba de acidezlitmus test .

Example: Consequently, the process of retrieval and knowledge discovery from this huge amount of heterogeneous complex data builds the litmus-test for the research in the area.

Acidez synonyms

sour in spanish: agrio, pronunciation: saʊɜr part of speech: adjective sourness in spanish: acidez, pronunciation: saʊrnəs part of speech: noun acidulousness in spanish: acidez, pronunciation: əsɪdəluznəs part of speech: noun
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