Aclamar in english


pronunciation: əkleɪm part of speech: noun
In gestures

aclamar = hail ; whoop it up ; big up. 

Example: Originally the advent of on-line interactive searches was hailed by some as a boon to users who could henceforward conduct their own searches.Example: By the second broadcast we started whooping it up and yelling at them while they were on air.Example: This dance festival bigs up the diverse and exciting range of high quality dance theatre talent we've got on our very own doorstep.

Aclamar synonyms

hail in spanish: granizo, pronunciation: heɪl part of speech: noun, verb herald in spanish: heraldo, pronunciation: herəld part of speech: noun eclat in spanish: brillo, pronunciation: eklət part of speech: noun spat in spanish: freza, pronunciation: spæt part of speech: verb applaud in spanish: aplaudir, pronunciation: əplɔd part of speech: verb clap in spanish: aplaudir, pronunciation: klæp part of speech: noun, verb plaudit in spanish: aplaudir, pronunciation: plɔdɪt part of speech: noun acclamation in spanish: aclamación, pronunciation: ækləmeɪʃən part of speech: noun plaudits in spanish: aplausos, pronunciation: plɔdɪts part of speech: noun
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