Aclamación in english


pronunciation: ækləmeɪʃən part of speech: noun
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aclamación = cheering ; acclamation ; plaudit. 

Example: This finding contradicts the general belief that spectators' cheering encourages better performance in a home team.Example: Much of the acclamation for Hamblin's book has been given without a full understanding of just how radical his proposals were.Example: This valuable collection is now accessible over the Internet, to the plaudits of numerous researchers and citizens, spreading our influence throughout the world.

Aclamación synonyms

eclat in spanish: brillo, pronunciation: eklət part of speech: noun acclaim in spanish: aclamación, pronunciation: əkleɪm part of speech: noun plaudit in spanish: aplaudir, pronunciation: plɔdɪt part of speech: noun plaudits in spanish: aplausos, pronunciation: plɔdɪts part of speech: noun
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