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pronunciation: fʌs part of speech: noun
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jaleo = fireworks ; buzz ; rumpus ; hoopla ; hubbub ; ruckus ; commotion ; racket ; palaver ; ruck ; fuss ; to-do ; din. 

Example: 'You know, Tom, if I ever find another job -- and I'm already looking -- there will be some fireworks around here before I leave, I can guarantee you that!'.Example: The article is entitled 'Turf wars in the playback software arena: Microsoft Netshow, Windows Multimedia Player, and all that buzz'.Example: Then reading of this story aloud to young children as they look at the pictures, needs a firm, quiet voice, until that glorious wordless pictorial passage showing the 'wild rumpus,' when at least one reader discovers it is necessary to give a one-man vocal performance of some rumbustious classical music as accompaniment to the viewing of those pages.Example: Amid the hoopla, she hasn't forgotten its roots.Example: And arming himself with patience and piety he tarried awhile until the hubbub was stilled.Example: Sometime back a heroine created a ruckus by saying that the actor acted fresh with her by biting her lips in a smooching scene.Example: She pleaded, futilely, in broken French, until an elderly man, hearing the commotion, came to her rescue.Example: He says the library science degree is a racket; that there's nothing taught in library school that can't be better learned on the job.Example: Most fashion-conscious shoppers will beaware of the palaver caused last month by the swastika design embroidered on a Zara handbag.Example: She might look quite frail but you don't want to get into a ruck with this old bag.Example: Hernandez decided that if he wished to survive in this restrictive atmosphere his options were clearly the following: don't make waves, do a good job with no fuss of which he could be proud, and try to gain Balzac's respect.Example: There was such a to-do about it -- the notion at that time in this country of a black man and a white woman onstage was just unheard of.Example: The audience responded to the ballet with such a din of hisses and catcalls that the performers could barely hear each other.


» armarse un jaleoget into + a muddle .

Example: And if you get into a muddle, you can just reset it and start over again!.

» ¡qué jaleo!what a palaver! .

Example: I never realised what a palaver finding the owner to something you found could cause.

Jaleo synonyms

fret in spanish: traste, pronunciation: fret part of speech: verb, noun mother in spanish: madre, pronunciation: mʌðɜr part of speech: noun hassle in spanish: molestia, pronunciation: hæsəl part of speech: noun hustle in spanish: ajetreo, pronunciation: hʌsəl part of speech: noun, verb stir in spanish: remover, pronunciation: stɜr part of speech: verb bother in spanish: molestia, pronunciation: bɑðɜr part of speech: verb trouble in spanish: problema, pronunciation: trʌbəl part of speech: noun flap in spanish: solapa, pronunciation: flæp part of speech: noun ado in spanish: alharaca, pronunciation: ədu part of speech: noun spat in spanish: freza, pronunciation: spæt part of speech: verb bustle in spanish: bullicio, pronunciation: bʌsəl part of speech: noun flurry in spanish: ráfaga, pronunciation: flɜri part of speech: noun dither in spanish: vacilar, pronunciation: dɪðɜr part of speech: noun squabble in spanish: disputa común, pronunciation: skwɑbəl part of speech: noun, verb bicker in spanish: disputa, pronunciation: bɪkɜr part of speech: verb, noun niggle in spanish: queja, pronunciation: nɪgəl part of speech: verb tiff in spanish: pelea, pronunciation: tɪf part of speech: noun pother in spanish: confusión, pronunciation: pʌðɜr part of speech: noun tizzy in spanish: emoción, pronunciation: tɪzi part of speech: noun bickering in spanish: dimes y diretes, pronunciation: bɪkɜrɪŋ part of speech: noun overprotect in spanish: sobreproteger, pronunciation: oʊvɜrprətekt part of speech: verb
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