Japón in english


pronunciation: dʒəpæn part of speech: noun
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Japón = Japan ; Nippon. 

Example: If, for instance, a nonresearch library acquires a work in English, issued by the Bank of Japan, the rules permit the acquiring library to enter the work under the name of the institution in English.Example: For example, Germany should be entered under DEUTSCHLAND, Japan under NIPPON, and so on, because they are in the international form.

Japón synonyms

nippon in spanish: Japón, pronunciation: nɪpɑn part of speech: noun nihon in spanish: nihon, pronunciation: nɪhɑn part of speech: noun japanese islands in spanish: islas japonesas, pronunciation: dʒæpənizaɪləndz part of speech: noun japanese archipelago in spanish: archipiélago japonés, pronunciation: dʒæpənizɑrkəpeləgoʊ part of speech: noun
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