Jefatura in english


pronunciation: lidɜrʃɪp part of speech: noun
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jefatura1 = leadership. 

Example: Under Mr. Kilgour's leadership, OCLC has demonstrated beyond any doubt that the computer can be successfully applied to traditional library problems with the most positive results.

jefatura2 = headquarters (HQ -abrev.-). 

Example: These libraries located in villages and hamlets were, and still are, organized from a county headquarters (HQ), normally sited in their nearest county town.


» jefatura del tribunal supremochief justiceship .

Example: But it is a fact that since Marshall's time only a certified madman would resign the chief justiceship to become governor, let me say.

» jefatura de policíapolice headquarters .

Example: Gunmen stormed a police headquarters in northern Mexico and escaped with around 70 firearms, officials said.

Jefatura synonyms

leading in spanish: líder, pronunciation: lidɪŋ part of speech: noun, adjective leaders in spanish: líderes, pronunciation: lidɜrz part of speech: noun
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