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pronunciation: bɑs part of speech: noun
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jefe = boss ; chief ; employer ; chief honcho ; top official ; top position ; head honcho ; honcho ; gaffer ; leader ; top bod. 

Example: The dependence on bosses for recognition, rewards, and advancement breeds an artificiality of relationship, a need to be polite and agreeable.Example: He subsequently served as chief of that Division, chief of the Serial Record Division, Assistant Director for Cataloging of the Processing Department, Director of the Processing Department, and Assistant Librarian of Processing Services.Example: But we have an obligation to these students, to their future employers and colleagues, to society in general and to ourselves to ensure that our 'processing' makes an important difference.Example: 'We should be more sympathetic and persuasive with the chief honchos'.Example: Some who felt that many of the top officials in libraries and professional organizations were men.Example: In spite of the preponderance of women in the profession 44 of 61 top positions are held by men.Example: Only 17 percent of head honchos say research and development (R&D) drives innovation in their business, a new study has found.Example: Of course, no one but a few honchos at IBM and Oracle know the real answer.Example: Watford gaffer believes his team's home games hold the key to their ability to survive in the Premiership.Example: The proud mother, as a result, had been a leader in the fight to establish a program for the 'gifted and talented' in the public school system.Example: The top bods in any company all have one thing in common -- they are extremely busy people.


» acostarse con el jefesleep with + Posesivo + boss .

Example: He even makes her realise that she does not have to sleep with her boss to get promotion but can earn it on her own merits.

» ¡cómo se nota que no está el jefe!while/when the cat's away, the mouse/mice will play .

Example: That kind of breakdown is mirrored with other countries as well -- what it tells us is while the cat's away, the mice will play.

» demasiados jefes y pocos indiostoo many chiefs (and) not enough Indians .

Example: Limiting the number of leaders streamlines decision-making, avoiding the perils of too many chiefs and not enough indians.

» demasiados jefes y pocos trabajadorestoo many chiefs (and) not enough Indians .

Example: Limiting the number of leaders streamlines decision-making, avoiding the perils of too many chiefs and not enough indians.

» editor jefeeditor-in-chief .

Example: This is a collection of articles, editorial and reviews from the career of Eric Moon a former editor-in-chief of Library Journal.

» enfermera jefematron .

Example: This matron's charter sets out ten broad principles for delivering cleaner hospitals.

» jefa de oficina de correospostmistress  .

Example: These figures of 'authority', the local postman, the vicar, the village postmistress and schoolmaster were fast disappearing from the rural scene.

» jefe de bomberosfire marshalfire inspector .

Example: Fire marshals must perform many duties, from investigating fires to find their source to enforcing fire safety laws.

Example: He thought he was in the clear when the fire inspector told him it was an accident.

» jefe de cocinachef .

Example: Many recipes not taken from books, magazines or famed chefs remain untested and thus less reliable.

» jefe de comedorhead waiter .

Example: He also worked as a head waiter on ferryboats for two years.

» jefe de escuadrónsquadron leader .

Example: Their squadron leader was relieved of his duty immediately after arrest.

» jefe de espíasspymaster .

Example: Even if CIA spymasters could infiltrate the innermost Kremlin, they would still be clueless about what was happening in the rest of Russia.

» jefe de estadohead of statechief of state .

Example: If the laws are decrees of a head of state, chief executive, or ruling executive body (e.g. a junta), make an added entry under the corporate heading for the official or ruling executive body.

Example: The choice of entry for chiefs of state is the same as that for works by popes or other high ecclesiastical officials.

» jefe de estudiosdeputy headacademic advisor .

Example: He was the deputy head of the delegation that negotiated the 1946 agreement with the Swiss Government.

Example: In many cases, having a quick word with your academic advisor during their office hours can nip the problem in the bud.

» jefe de facturaciónbilling clerk .

Example: This department is headed by a general office manager who has a staff of bookkeepers, billing clerks, comptrollers, and secretaries.

» jefe de gobiernohead of government .

Example: Usually, according to parliamentary law, the head of government must regularly call an election.

» jefe de la tributribal chief .

Example: Divine law comes direct from God, usually with priests or tribal chief or king as intermediary.

» jefe del estado mayorChief of Staff .

Example: The book focuses on Nixon's two terms in office and draws on solid, original source material to get inside the minds of the president and his chief hatchetman, Chief of Staff H. R. Haldeman, in particular.

» jefe de los servicios de gestión del conocimientochief knowledge officer (CKO) .

Example: This article discusses the emergence of 'chief knowledge officers' or 'knowledge executives' within organizations, viewed by many in the library profession as a logical, and perhaps deserved role for librarians.

» jefe de los servicios de informaciónchief information officer (CIO) .

Example: A recent study indicates that roughly 1/3 of major US companies now have a chief information officer (CIO) who manages information in its broadest sense.

» jefe del servicio de catalogacióncataloguing head .

Example: Leforte could usually identify those footsteps easily; but today they sounded more rushed that what could normally be expected from the cataloging head.

» jefe del servicio de referenciareference head .

Example: Reference heads, like other administrators, will generally work toward establishing the 'ideal' organization scheme based on functional responsibilities -- and not based on the current personnel roster.

» jefe de miliciawarlord .

Example: Major industries had either been appropriated by the controlling warlords or driven out of business by raids and looting.

» jefe de obrasite manager .

Example: A site manager is the person in charge of all on site operations, working with contractors and subcontractors and ensuring the building contract runs to schedule.

» jefe de oficinaoffice manager [Para el femenino también se usa office manageress] .

Example: This department is headed by a general office manager who has a staff of bookkeepers, billing clerks, comptrollers, and secretaries.

» jefe de oficina de correospostmaster  .

Example: This mini-pack could be used by 'individuals in the community who are called upon to give information, such as parish clerks, the clergy, postmasters, trade union officials, mobile librarians, as well as people acting as village links'.

» jefe de personalpersonnel officerwelfare officerstaff manager .

Example: The personnel officer of a factory drops a stack of a few thousand employee cards into a selecting machine and produces in a short time a list of all employees who live in Trenton and know Spanish.

Example: In larger library systems there will be a welfare or personnel officer who can assist staff with personal problems relating to home life or their employment.

Example: Few executives will deny that staff managers contribute substantially to the performance of their organizations.

» jefe de personal de la bibliotecalibrary personnel officer .

Example: An interview committee, consisting of the library personnel officer and the associate executive director for branches, convened to speak with applicants for the adult materials selection position = Un comité seleccionador, compuesto por el responsable del personal de la biblioteca y del subdirector ejecutivo de las sucursales, se reunió para hablar con los candidatos para el trabajo de selección de material de adultos.

» jefe de pistaringmaster [Generalmente de un circo. Femenino ringmistress]circus master [Generalmente de un circo. Femenino circus mistress] .

Example: After the show, we got a little backstage tour led by the ringmaster himself.

Example: As a circus master I have the chance to see so many people walking around with smiles on their faces.

» jefe de policíachief constablepolice chief .

Example: I believe that it was in a West Riding town that three successive chief constables were relieved of their duties because they were drunk and incapable.

Example: Colombia's Police Chief has said the government would continue to fumigate the country's crops of coca, the plant used to make cocaine, in the fight against illegal drugs.

» jefe de prensapress officer .

Example: This article seeks to evaluate the potential value of press releases to researchers by means of interviews with the press officers of two major government departments and two quasi-non-governmental organisations (quangos).

» jefe de producciónproduction manager .

Example: A production manager is involved with the planning, coordination and control of manufacturing processes.

» jefe de recursos humanoshuman resource manager .

Example: Conflict resolution and improving overall workplace moral is a key part of the role of a human resource manager.

» jefe de secciónsection head .

Example: So long as the department carries out its responsibilities well and violate no regulations, there is little likelihood that the library director will attempt to impose his or her individual style of management on the independent section head.

» jefe de seguridadsecurity officialsecurity officersafety official .

Example: A security official said that Yemeni warplanes have killed 80 anti-government tribesmen who overran part of a military camp.

Example: Guards, who are also called security officers, patrol and inspect property to protect against fire, theft, vandalism, terrorism, and illegal activity.

Example: Safety officials have examined two fairground rides after two people were killed and three injured in two separate accidents.

» jefe de talleroverseer  .

Example: In one, called working on time or in pocket, the clicker received copy and instructions from the overseer and divided the work among his companions.

» jefe, elbig guy, thebig gun, the top banana, the .

Example: Look at him sucking up to the big guys, talking about golf that he really is terrible at, trying to get into the 'boys club'.

Example: Now that they are up to speed, Ron has tracked down the school's big guns to see how things have been rolling along.

Example: I don't mean to oversimplify life, but on some days it seems to me that society divides into two categories: the top bananas and the second bananas.

» jefe indioIndian chief .

Example: She was offered back to the Texan authorities by Indian chiefs as part of a peace negotiation.

» jefe militararmy officialarmy officer .

Example: Army officials would often manicure locations before journalists would enter and so it took far too long for anyone to start being critical of the war.

Example: He is the highest-ranking army officer to face criminal charges as a result of the prisoner abuse scandal.

» muchos jefes y pocos indiostoo many chiefs (and) not enough Indians .

Example: Limiting the number of leaders streamlines decision-making, avoiding the perils of too many chiefs and not enough indians.

» muchos jefes y pocos trabajadorestoo many chiefs (and) not enough Indians .

Example: Limiting the number of leaders streamlines decision-making, avoiding the perils of too many chiefs and not enough indians.

» ser el jefebe in chargecall + the shotsbe the bosscall + the tunerule + the roostrun + the show .

Example: He stared coldly at her for a moment, then spat out: 'Bah! You're in charge'.

Example: The article is entitled 'Who's calling the shots in the semiconductor industry'.

Example: One of the hardest things about being the boss is that no one tells you what you're doing wrong.

Example: As long as we allow other people to pay the piper, they will continue calling the tune in Africa.

Example: Just as the 19th century belonged to England and the 20th century to America, so the 21st century will be China's turn to set the agenda and rule the roost.

Example: This might happen organically as a younger cohort replaces the boomers currently running the show.

Jefe synonyms

head in spanish: cabeza, pronunciation: hed part of speech: noun top in spanish: parte superior, pronunciation: tɑp part of speech: noun, adjective arch in spanish: arco, pronunciation: ɑrtʃ part of speech: noun superior in spanish: superior, pronunciation: supɪriɜr part of speech: adjective stamp in spanish: sello, pronunciation: stæmp part of speech: noun, verb stud in spanish: semental, pronunciation: stʌd part of speech: noun chief in spanish: jefe, pronunciation: tʃif part of speech: noun brag in spanish: jactarse, pronunciation: bræg part of speech: verb, noun rivet in spanish: remache, pronunciation: rɪvət part of speech: noun gaffer in spanish: capataz, pronunciation: gæfɜr part of speech: noun emboss in spanish: realzar, pronunciation: ɪmbɔs part of speech: verb foreman in spanish: capataz, pronunciation: fɔrmən part of speech: noun honcho in spanish: honcho, pronunciation: hɔntʃoʊ part of speech: noun hirer in spanish: arrendador, pronunciation: haɪɜrr part of speech: noun political boss in spanish: jefe político, pronunciation: pəlɪtəkəlbɑs part of speech: noun party boss in spanish: jefe de la fiesta, pronunciation: pɑrtibɑs part of speech: noun
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