Kilómetro in english


pronunciation: kəlɑmətɜr part of speech: noun
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kilómetro = kilometer (km) [kilometre, -USA]. 

Example: The bookmobile travels about 1,000 kilometres a fortnight.


» a muchos kilómetros deleagues away from .

Example: One evening, as he was traveling through the mountains of that province, darkness overcame him in a very lonesome district, leagues away from any village.

» en kilómetros a la redondafor miles around .

Example: Set amidst the deep rural beauty of Rutland, this much-fêted village pub continues to offer some of the best food and drink for miles around.

» kilómetros y kilómetros demile after mile of .

Example: Passing through mile after mile of surf beaches with hardly a soul to be seen for most of the year, you'll enjoy the solitude in an untouched wilderness.

Kilómetro synonyms

km in spanish: km, pronunciation: km part of speech: noun kilometre in spanish: kilómetro, pronunciation: kɪlɔmətɜr part of speech: noun klick in spanish: klick, pronunciation: klɪk part of speech: noun
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