Nanómetro in english


pronunciation: nænoʊmitɜr part of speech: noun
In gestures

nanómetro = nanometre [nanometer, -USA]. 

Example: The particles, about 100 to 200 nanometres in size, are luminescent, magnetic, and inexpensive to make.
Nanómetro synonyms:
millimicron in spanish: milimicron, pronunciation: məlɪmɪkrən part of speech: noun nanometre in spanish: nanometro, pronunciation: nɑnoʊmetri part of speech: noun micromillimeter in spanish: micromilímetro, pronunciation: maɪkroʊmɪlɪmətɜr part of speech: noun micromillimetre in spanish: micromilimetro, pronunciation: maɪkroʊmɪlɪmɪtrə part of speech: noun
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