Narcisista in english


pronunciation: nɑrsɪsɪstɪk part of speech: adjective
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narcisista1 = narcissist. 

Example: She is nothing but a narcissist that wants to hang out with the so-called big wheels in this city.

narcisista2 = narcissistic. 

Example: The third type of interpretation also embodies delicacy, but a kind that resembles narcissistic similitude and involution, with even suggestions of unisexuality.
Narcisista synonyms:
selfish in spanish: egoísta, pronunciation: selfɪʃ part of speech: adjective egotistical in spanish: ególatra, pronunciation: igətɪstɪkəl part of speech: adjective egotistic in spanish: egotístico, pronunciation: egətɪstɪk part of speech: adjective self-loving in spanish: amorosa, pronunciation: selflʌvɪŋ part of speech: adjective
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