Sacrilegio in english


pronunciation: sækrələdʒ part of speech: noun
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sacrilegio = sacrilege. 

Example: As for the matter of sacrilege, it is understood to mean to treat that which is holy in an unholy manner.


» cometer (un) sacrilegiocommit + (a) sacrilege .

Example: If you violate sacred values you are committing sacrilege for anyone who holds those values.

» ser un sacrilegiobe a sacrilege .

Example: He wanted all people to understand that to oppress one another and to deprive people of their freedom is a sacrilege.

Sacrilegio synonyms

blasphemy in spanish: blasfemia, pronunciation: blæsfəmi part of speech: noun desecration in spanish: profanación, pronunciation: desəkreɪʃən part of speech: noun profanation in spanish: profanación, pronunciation: prɔfəneɪʃən part of speech: noun
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