Sacudir in english


pronunciation: ʃeɪk part of speech: verb, noun
In gestures

sacudir = shake up ; jar ; jolt ; flail ; thrash ; wallop ; rock ; swish ; wag ; buffet. 

Example: This will shake up library managers no end.Example: She analyzes how her memory was jarred by this massacre.Example: When the area was jolted by a severe earthquake rescue teams rushed in from all over the country.Example: The crab's mouth has elongated setae, notably on the maxilla, which it repeatedly flails through the seawater to feed on suspended material.Example: Later footage shows the killer whales with the pups in their mouths, thrashing them about.Example: He walloped Bud, tore his shirt, and made him eat dirt.Example: The earth tremor that rocked the centre of Melbourne was one of three quakes that hit Australia in the one day.Example: Swishing wine in the mouth helps you taste all the flavors in a wine.Example: Perhaps the most common misinterpretation of dogs is the myth that a dog wagging its tail is happy and friendly.Example: The Australian dollar was buffeted today by warnings that the Australian economy would grow at a slower pace unless aggressive reforms were undertaken.


» sacudir de lo lindoknock + the living daylights out ofknock + the hell out ofbeat + Nombre + (all) hollowbeat + the living daylights out ofbeat + the hell out ofknock + the shit out ofbeat + the shit out ofbeat + the wits out ofbeat + the life out of .

Example: One after another, young pianists sat down and knocked the living daylights out of the piano.

Example: This is one of those movies that preaches nonviolence, even as the good guy is knocking the hell out of a few dozen dudes.

Example: But he was proved wrong as India pushed England to the edge and beat them hollow the following day.

Example: The players don't wear helmets or padding; they just beat the living daylights out of each other and then go for a beer.

Example: Police beat the hell out of innocent students during a botched raid.

Example: This is fucking disgraceful, somebody should knock the shit out of them.

Example: You should provoke him into attacking you, and then beat the shit out of him.

Example: He not only beat the wits out of the bully, but broke his bones as well.

Example: He remembers their eyes staring up at him in disbelief as he beat the life out of them.

» sacudir el polvodustdust off .

Example: 550 books a day were dusted and the cleaning of 13500 volumes was completed in 5 weeks.

Example: Dust off your trilby and dig out your tweeds, British heritage is one of the top trends this season.

» sacudir en el vientoflap .

Example: Anyway they stood there looking at the top of the poster which was still unglued and flapping around.

» sacudir las telarañasblow + the cobwebs away/off/out .

Example: Most of us have been too busy to practise for several years and want to blow the cobwebs off our music stands and start playing again.

» sacudirse de encimashake offget + shot ofget + rid ofbe rid ofshrug off .

Example: Only this way can the librarian shake off the aura of elitism pervading the profession and the library.

Example: Many women would do pretty much anything to get shot of stretch marks.

Example: The title of her paper is 'Let's get rid of it: a reference librarian's battle cry'.

Example: He felt that he had played his last card and shot his last bolt, and that Diana definitely wished to be rid of him.

Example: Small businesses need to shrug off the preconceived notion that advertising is uber-expensive.

» sacudirse el peloflip + Posesivo + hair .

Example: When he sat next to her she went on flirt mode, which is basically blinking her eyelashes a lot and flipping her hair every two seconds.

» sacudirse el polvodust + Reflexivo + off .

Example: Terror attacks have come with depressing regularity to Mumbai -- and each time the city, brought to its knees, has dusted itself off and forged on.

» sacudirse las telarañasblow + the cobwebs away/off/out .

Example: Most of us have been too busy to practise for several years and want to blow the cobwebs off our music stands and start playing again.

» sacudir un puñetazothump .

Example: He was so lost in thought that he didn't realize that someone was talking to him until he got thumped on the head.

» terror + sacudirterror + strike .

Example: Two weeks have passed since terror struck Mumbai.

Sacudir synonyms

rock in spanish: rock, pronunciation: rɑk part of speech: noun sway in spanish: influencia, pronunciation: sweɪ part of speech: noun, verb stir in spanish: remover, pronunciation: stɜr part of speech: verb agitate in spanish: agitar, pronunciation: ædʒəteɪt part of speech: verb wag in spanish: meneo, pronunciation: wæg part of speech: noun, verb stimulate in spanish: estimular, pronunciation: stɪmjəleɪt part of speech: verb shiver in spanish: temblar, pronunciation: ʃɪvɜr part of speech: noun, verb trill in spanish: trino, pronunciation: trɪl part of speech: noun excite in spanish: excitar, pronunciation: ɪksaɪt part of speech: verb shingle in spanish: guijarros, pronunciation: ʃɪŋgəl part of speech: noun tremble in spanish: temblar, pronunciation: trembəl part of speech: verb handshake in spanish: apretón de manos, pronunciation: hændʃeɪk part of speech: noun milkshake in spanish: batido, pronunciation: mɪlkʃeɪk part of speech: noun waggle in spanish: menear, pronunciation: wægəl part of speech: noun, verb judder in spanish: vibración, pronunciation: dʒʌdɜr part of speech: verb shake up in spanish: agitar, pronunciation: ʃeɪkʌp part of speech: verb handshaking in spanish: apretón de manos, pronunciation: hændʃeɪkɪŋ part of speech: noun shake off in spanish: sacudirse, pronunciation: ʃeɪkɔf part of speech: verb throw off in spanish: deshacerse de, pronunciation: θroʊɔf part of speech: verb didder in spanish: didor, pronunciation: dɪdɜr part of speech: verb handclasp in spanish: handclasp, pronunciation: hændklæsp part of speech: noun milk shake in spanish: batido, pronunciation: mɪlkʃeɪk part of speech: noun escape from in spanish: escapar de, pronunciation: ɪskeɪpfrʌm part of speech: verb
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